Attention Health, Wellness or Fitness Pro: What Could Your Company Do With its own Private Goldmine?

Now There’s a Proven E-Newsletter Model That Ignites Sales & Lead Generation…And Cuts Your Advertising Expenses to the Bone

Imagine having an email newsletter that pumped profits into your business…just like an electronic goldmine.

It could hypercharge your profit margin, ratchet up Return on Investment (ROI), position your company as experts in your industry…and so much more.

And an e-newsletter can help you can reach these goals swiftly and easily.

Don’t have many subscribers on your email list? No worries. 400 or 4,000, doesn’t matter.

But first a reality check…

You can’t just a throw together a newsletter and expect Godzilla-like results.

So let’s try something.

Picture the near future. One of your subscribers opens her e-mail inbox.

She sees 20 new emails and mutters, “Great.”

But then your email catches her eye.  Smiling, she selects it first and reads. Feeling her day isn’t going to be so bad after all, she shares it with her friends on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

That’s what you want…

…an e-newsletter that stands above all the usual clutter your clients and prospects often get in their inbox. 

Envision eager readers discussing your company’s products or services–then contacting you first when they need them. That’s the power of a correctly done e-newsletter.

One that’s—

  • Filled with useful, relevant knowledge and advice
  • Easy to read and shows what it’s like to do business with you
  • Focused on developing long-term relationships—no hype, no hard sell

Remember, anyone can send out a newsletter. Yours needs to cut through all the blah, blah, blah your clients, colleagues, and prospects usually get.

In fact, think of their e-mail inbox as a field. You want your newsletter to grab their attention the same way a large stack of polished gold bricks would in a field of rocks and weeds.

Because that’s when the magic begins…

How Your Health, Wellness or Fitness Firm Profits From an E-newsletter

Let me paraphrase Shakespeare:

“How many ways can an e-newsletter benefit a business? Let me count the ways.”

Yes, there are that many reasons an e-mail newsletter is the ideal marketing tool for you.

First though, let me introduce myself. My name is Dale L. Sims, and I’m a freelance copywriter and website content consultant in Grand Rapids, Michigan (

Plus, I spent 4 years as the marketing coordinator for Healthy Design, a nutritional supplement distribution company.

Master e-newsletter creator Michael Katz, Blue Penguin Development, taught me about the incredible advantages that an e-newsletter offers you.

“They generate leads…they increase sales…they open up a two-way dialogue with prospects and clients, and they position a professional service firm as an industry thought leader,” he said.

Plus, Katz continued, they provide business with content that others can tweet, link to, and share. Plus, they have virtually no variable cost, and once set up, they have almost no fixed cost either, he added.

Now you may be asking…

…Isn’t email marketing dead?

…And, aren’t there enough e-newsletters already?

Fair questions.

Because without doubt there’s mucho clutter and noise online today. And the minute many people open their email inbox—possibly including you—they look for as many emails they can delete right way.

Don’t let this deter you.

Here’s why.

Most people still check their emails regularly.

Your challenge is to stand out from the junk, including the e-newsletters that are nothing more than thinly disguised sales messages. Because people still want valuable information, especially when it can improve their lives at home or at work.

And when you’re recognized as the company that provides it, your firm will receive all the benefits.

Sure, email has changed over the past 15 years because of social media and SPAM. But the advantages are as powerful as ever.

In fact, Katz said, a well-produced e-newsletter sent to your email list will still be opened 25-35% of the time. That’s up to 50 times more than the percentage of people who spot newspaper ads, answer direct mail, or accept telephone solicitations, he noted.

So let’s take a look at the advantages this will give your company…

E-newsletters are:

  • An immediate, low-cost way for you to share content with your customers and clients. Do you currently mail out a printed newsletter? Your e-letter can save you as much as 85%.
  • The ultimate method to add voltage to your marketing —Your e-newsletter augments your current marketing strategy.  It’ll boost traffic to your company website, and help create awareness of your other marketing.
  • Ideal revenue boosters.  Your e-newsletter can skyrocket profits from the leads and sales it creates.  And don’t forget ROI. One customer can pay for a client’s complete e-newsletter campaign.
  • Slash advertising costs.  In fact, if you’re currently spending a lot on direct mail, newspaper or trade advertising, or even printed newsletters, an e-newsletter will allow you to chop these expenses big time.
  • Perfect for positioning you as an expert.  Readers can look forward to hearing from. You’ll then have a consistent method to communicate your products, services, and specials to your base.
  • Relationship builders.  Find out what’s on the mind of both past and present prospects and customers—and what they’re thinking about buying. Also, readers can share your info, boosting your exposure even more.
  • Shareable across online platforms. Think how your e-letter’s content can be repurposed for articles, blogs, social media posts, and more. Talk about turbo-charging ROI.

No wonder 96% of CEOs in an April 2013 survey confirmed that email newsletters were major assets to their companies. What these business VIPs know is that…

E-Newsletters are the Ultimate Way to Sell Without Selling

Your sales may be suffering from an obstacle shared by many service providers, especially smaller ones: The lack of lead nurturing.

Sure, your marketing may be pulling in prospects, but research shows 79% never become clients. The culprit? The absence of a lead nurturing method, according to

But with your own e-newsletter, you can grab those opportunities your competitors are missing.

Let me detail what a lead-nurturing e-letter has done for other firms…

…Boost sales opportunities an average of 20% ( That’s thousands of extra dollars every month.

…Provide 50% more solid sales leads at one-third the cost (Forrester Research).

…Increase the size of customer’s orders by as much as 47% (Annuitas Group).

Now imagine what it can do for your business when you…

Discover How Your own E-newsletter can Funnel Profits Into Your Business—Starting Today

Now that you know about this simple, affordable and lucrative way to make money and market your company—at the same time—the next move is yours.

And since you’ve read this far, you know you have a powerful interest in gaining the kinds of results and rewards only an e-newsletter can produce.

Plus, you don’t want to appear behind the times to your customers, vendors, employees, and so on. You want them to perceive you as successful, knowledgeable, and aware of what’s going on in your market.

And for your peace of mind, my budget-friendly e-letter comes with a LIFETIME hassle-free 100% guarantee–to be on time and on target. If at any time you’re not 100% satisfied with your newsletter, I will shred our contract.

What could be fairer than that?

But whether you want to think of your new e-newsletter as a potential goldmine or gravy train for your company, the time to get started is now.

Let me go over the benefits of launching your company’s e-letter today one more time. It’ll:

  • Pump up marketing and lead generation
  • Boost client lifetime and relationships
  • Keep your company top of mind when your readers decide to buy
  • Reduce marketing costs dramatically
  • Offer an instant way to reach your list with messages or special sales info

Combined, this all means one thing: Much more revenue for your company. In fact, launching an e-letter is a small investment that’ll repay itself many, many times over…

So are you ready to find out more on how easily your company can get started with its own goldmine, sorry, e-newsletter?

It’s as simple as contacting me for a no-obligation conversation at 616-956-1171 or  bwater17@att(dot)com. Or, just use the form below.

Don’t wait. Once you get your e-letter going and your company starts profiting, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t start sooner.


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