Are Your Press Releases Giving You an “Unfair Advantage”…

…Or are you cranking ‘em out and crossing your fingers just like your competitors’?

You know what I’m asking…

Are your press releases written based on a “wish and a prayer?”

If so, you might as well pelt your prospects with rotten eggs–because your releases will have the same effect.

They’ll instantly repel and annoy your target market.

And press releases that just provide your audience with info about new developments?  They don’t cut it anymore either.

No way.

Today, your releases must generate sale leads.  Otherwise, you’re wasting your time and budget.  In a nutshell, publicity for its own sake doesn’t earn revenue.

But there is a new kind of press release designed to dramatically boost your chances of getting sales leads….

It’s called the Stealth Sales Press Release

…and it works because it’s based on the proven but hidden sales principles and persuasion science tactics used by master-level copywriters in their promotions.

Covert persuasion multiplies sales leads

So let’s take a quick look at those persuasive methods…

  • Uses NLP Language Patterns plus a hidden sales structure. In fact, this disguised sales tool has the basic formula—Attention, Desire, Interest, and Action—of most successful promotions.
  • Headlines and leads that snatch eyeballs with messages that arouse curiosity and promise big benefits.
  • Search Engine Optimization: The right amount of the ideal words to help your prospects on their buyer’s journey get the information they need.
  • Employs a compelling short story to heighten interest in your goods or services.
  • Testimonials focused on successful customer results, the advantages of your goods/services, and your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
  • A suitable Call-to-Action based on whether you want prospects to inquire, subscribe, or make a purchase. This also includes a link to your site.

What? You think press releases are dead because of blogging, social media and other content?

Not true, say the experts:

“The press release is still alive and well. In order to get your story out there, you still need to complete at least a one-pager and not 140 characters,” said Brian Garrido, founder of public relations agency BG Global.1

Adds Cheryl Bame, principal at Bame Public Relations: “…If someone thinks the traditional press release is dead, they are wrong!”1

Now here’s why I’m the best person to create your press releases.

  1. As a former reporter, editor, and public affairs specialist, writing a press release would be my easiest assignment of the day.
  2. Also, as a stealth sales strategist who also writes direct marketing advertising, writing persuasive copy to capture response is second nature.
  3. And most important, stealth sales press releases are exclusive to my business.

Need more reasons?

Check out what my clients have said about me:

“Dale is a goldmine of copywriting ideas.  He always comes up with attention-getting, results-driven material for whatever kind of copywriting platform I need.   He is super resourceful, but most importantly, totally dependable regarding deadlines.”

Paula Longstreet, Owner, Healthy Design, Cadillac, Mich.

Dale’s work is of the highest quality, and it delivers results. He is prompt completing an assignment and always a pleasure to work with.”

Kevin Potter, Owner, Sunrise Villa Vacations, Cabrera, Dominican Republic

“Dale has always been a pleasure to work with, and his writing style is consistently precise, pertinent and intelligible. Whatever the project, I recommend him to you without equivocation.”

Kevin Hayes, St. Johns, MI, attorney, and author of Kickland, Don’t Vote for Me, Amrit’s Sin of 2pi.

You want your prospects to contact you after reading your press release(s)

So contact Dale L. Sims, a stealth sales strategist with over 17 years of professional writing and marketing experience, by using the form at the bottom of the page. Or you can reach me at 616-606-8076 or

These custom, persuasive press releases are easily affordable, ranging from $89 to $189. The difference depends on the quantity and quality of information available.

Want to see copies of my previous press releases or other copy and content? 

Check out my Press Room–  –and writing samples while you’re here.



Get Brochures That Earn Their Keep–$49 Per Page…Instead of $300-$500 Per Page

Don’t believe it for a minute.

Print is not dead.

And if you’re not using your brochures in your sales efforts, you’re missing a huge opportunity to expand your business and ramp up income.

Yes, internet marketing is important, but so is offline advertising.  In fact, many consumers don’t even use the internet, or if they do, it’s not often.

And having a brochure that’s not much better than a laundry list isn’t going to help.

To get these people to come to your place of business or to contact you, you need to reach them compellingly yet affordably.  That’s what my brochure copy can do.

My brochure copy sells, generates leads, and informs your target audience about your products and services.  And the result can be used as part of a mixed marketing campaign or solo.

And since a brochure is one of the most vital pieces of printed, promotional material in your marketing arsenal, you need one that is written clearly, interestingly, and persuasively.

That’s my job.  Writing compelling copy to boost your sales leads.

So if your current “lazy” brochure isn’t working hard enough, you need to contact Dale L. Sims, a stealth sales strategist with over 14 years of professional writing experience, at 616-606-8076,, or…

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