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“The Culture Of Thinness:” It Wants YOUR Daughter!

The media’s “Culture of Thinness” has a sinister message for your daughter: Be skinnier, be sexier, be more beautiful, or you’re a failure.

Whether through television, print, video, or audio, the media demands that your daughter obey their rigid definition of what it is to be attractive and successful today.

And the stakes are high—for the media, for your daughter.

The media and their advertisers are raking in millions of dollars, according to the Media Awareness Network.  How?  From girls whose low self-image causes them to buy more beauty products, newer clothes, and additional diet aids.

Alternately, young girls who are exposed to these ultra-skinny models and praise of this stereotype, often suffer depression, loss of self-esteem, and unhealthy eating habits including eating disorders, notes the network.

Sadly, these unhealthy habits of weight control can include fasting, skipping meals, excessive exercise, laxative abuse, and even self-induced vomiting.

Think your daughter isn’t affected?

Thirty-five percent of girls 6 to 12 years old have dieted at least once, and 50 to 70 percent of normal weight girls believe they are overweight, Teen Magazine reports.

Your Daughter’s Future: Victim or Victor

Fortunately, you can make sure YOUR daughter is safe from these emotional predators.

The “XXXXXXXXXXX” audio program is a proven way to help your daughter develop a healthy body image and higher self-esteem.

This affordable and innovative program, developed by XXXX XXXXXX for girls in the 8-12-year-old range, will teach your daughter how to defend herself against negative media messages.  This educational yet fun course is also a tremendous resource for parents and teachers.

XXXX, a former eating disorder survivor herself, offers a powerful, practical program that will transform your daughter’s belief in herself and vulnerability to outside influences.

Your daughter will:

  • Turbocharge her self-image and sense of self-worth
  • Build an appreciation and respect for her own body
  • Gain tools for overcoming life’s obstacles
  • Learn how to handle bullies and similar problems
  • Explore how to use personal power to transcend everyday life

Give your daughter more than just the chance to survive—give her the chance to thrive in today’s society. Find out how by going to www.XXXXXXXXXXXX.  Your daughter is worth the short time it will take.

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