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Attention Self-Help, Health, Wellness, & Fitness Marketers:

RIGHT NOW–your competitors are stealing your customers, taking your hard-earned sales, and doing everything they can to keep you down—for good!

You need to turn the tables on them—WITHOUT DELAY

So find out how this combo of dominant emotion copywriting & the persuasion sciences can help you do that starting today


Following common wisdom to fight competitors and catapult sales can cost you a lot of time and money.

Yes, you want high-performance creative and marketing services from someone whose abilities you can trust.

But generally, that means paying top dollar to one of those “big name” marketers.

And suppose you do reach one of these “advertising gurus?”  Most likely, because of scheduling and budgetary reasons, he or she won’t be available.

So what do you do?  Remember–your competitors are pounding at the door.

Here’s the solution…

Get a secret weapon that can tap into these creative giant’s genius, minus the availability and high-cost concerns. That’s right, let Dale L. Sims, stealth sales strategist, be your secret weapon.

I’ve not only completed many of the courses offered by these advertising wizards, but have almost 15 years of experience as a copywriter, journalist, public affairs specialist and ad salesman.

Plus…my formal education—associate degree in journalism, Bachelor of Arts (sociology, psychology)—is the foundation that helps me create an edge for my clients in their market.

Oh yes, let’s not forget your other option.  Trusting your project to a newbie freelancer. Let’s just say that decision could be hazardous to the health of your company’s finances–and reputation.

Moving on, here’s some key info…

Our market is worth $9.62 billion a year & grows 5.2% annually*; Here’s how your new secret weapon can help you get your share

Skeptical about trying a new marketing communications (marcom) consultant–or one at all?


But ponder this…

A new one can ramp up your revenue, add a fresh perspective to your advertising copy and write your next sales-busting promotion.

Now here’s what I have in my arsenal that separates me from my competition–advantages that can help you set your business above yours.

** Profit from my consumer psychology and persuasion science experience and education.  Understanding when and how to best use emotional trigger words, persuasion levers, and other neuromarketing weapons, permeates all of my sales strategies.

And that means more convincing copy and content, and better engagement with prospects and customers. 

** Guillotine worries about government agents kicking in your business’s doors, freezing your assets, then shutting your business down.  Not only do I study new compliance issues from the FTC, FDA and other agencies as they come out, I have years of experience in applying regulatory rules to copy.

Plus, I’ve taken courses offered by industry players (American Writers & Artists Inc., legendary marketer/copywriter Bob Bly) to help keep your copy safe from punishing fines and rulings.

** Afraid of getting sued?  Worry no more.  As a former print journalist, my knowledge of libel law kept the publications I worked for out of legal trouble.

Add to that my experience and know-how of copyright law and Fair Use principles as a sales strategist, and you get an even wider safety net.

** I wrote the book–actually a 24-page special report–on creating Ultimate Selling Propositions (USPs) for our market’s goods and services.

That means you’ll get a sharper differentiation of what you offer…a better way of positioning it–or them…and a much-improved chance to become “top-of-mind” in your industry.

** You’ll get content and copy from a professionally trained writer.  I’m not someone who took a few online courses and started a business—like some of my competitors.

Before starting my service over half a decade ago, I spent more than 10 years as a reporter, marketing writer and editor.

Plus, as a former radio station account executive, I sold ad space, and wrote news content and advertising copy.

That means you get an advocate skilled and practiced at creating original material—and sales.  Also, one that can write about a myriad of subjects, using different media, on multiple platforms.

** You’ll get a specialist in Dominant Emotion Copywriting.  This top-of-the food-chain approach focuses on finding your prospect’s strongest emotion about your subject.  That trigger is then used to grab attention and keep it at a peak state.

Of course, supporting emotional levers can be used to boost your promo’s power even more.

** You get more flexibility—You get one professional who writes everything–from autoresponders and brochures to video sales letters and white papers.

Also, I’ve written for big companies–New Market Health (Agora Inc.) and American Writers & Artists Inc.–and smaller businesses–Sunrise Villa and Hayesandhyde.com.

** Time and money savings—By letting me do your writing, you’ll save time today–and probably time and money in the near future. Get budget-friendly proposals from an experienced marcom strategist—without the exorbitant prices many charge.

Supercharge your company’s future with customized solutions to your burning problems

Responsible for marketing and advertising for your organization?

Then you want someone skilled at converting prospects to your offer—without using pushy, desperate or outdated methods.  That’s what my proven-in-the-trenches solutions can do.

Now look at what others have said about my professional services:

“Dale is a goldmine of copywriting ideas.  He always comes up with attention-getting, results-driven material for whatever kind of copywriting platform I need.   He is super resourceful, but most importantly, totally dependable regarding deadlines.”

Paula Longstreet, Owner, Healthy Design, Cadillac, Mich.

“His writing and analytical skills are sharply honed.  He is industrious and dedicated.  Dale’s approach to his job can be characterized as truly professional.”

Susan E. Smith, City Manager (Grand Rapids, MI), The Hertz Corp.

“There have been many occasions when I have directly issued him assignments and have, subsequently, evaluated his work. Without exception, Sims has presented me with very high-quality professional results.”

Lt. Col. Albert E. Lewis, commander, 1140th US Army Signal Bn.


Start your business turnaround today

To mine me for info on how I can help end your marketing pain, just contact me through the form below.  Or, use bwater17@att.net or 616-956-1171. There’s no charge or obligation on your part.

And if you decide to take advantage of my copy, content, or marketing strategy solutions, you get the Stealth Sales Strategist Guarantee.

That means you get my no-excuses, “carved-in-rock,” 100% total satisfaction promise.

You see, time and time again, my clients have expressed total satisfaction with my work. But, in the unlikely event you aren’t thrilled with it upon completion, I’ll revise it with your guidelines ($50–$500 value)…quickly and at my expense.  And, if you need your copy by a certain day, you’ll get it.

So start ending your marketing headaches now…contact me today.


*Marketdata Enterprises, Inc., AWAI


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