Self-Help Market Writing Sample: 24-Day Challenge Press Release

Paula Longstreet,

AdvoCare Distributor.


Cadillac, MI 49601

Nov. 20, 2010


At Last! The Hottest Weight-Loss Program on the Internet Returns Nov. 29

24-Day Challenge Promises Participants Powerful Physical Payoffs

Cadillac, Mich.—A program that promises participants they will feel, know and see the difference in weight loss, muscular toning, and sports performance within 24 days starts Nov. 29.

Individuals choose AdvoCare’s 24-Day Challenge because it is a lifestyle change, not a diet, said Paula Longstreet, an AdvoCare Distributor, based in Cadillac, Mich.  “It is very popular, especially online.  People enjoy the accountability, and ease and flexibility of the program.”

Once people start this unrivaled program, which is backed by recent scientific study, Longstreet said, they will “Feel the difference within 24 minutes; know the difference within 24 hours; and see the difference within 24 days.”

The Challenge’s benefits are multiple, said Longstreet.  “It is about getting better eating habits, and using nutritional supplements to get a person into the best health possible and either gaining energy or losing weight or inches.”  These improvements, she added, also help overcome certain health issues, while enhancing sports performance and agility.

Other benefits include restoration or maintenance of stamina, weight management, skin care, and regularity issues, said Longstreet, who has worked for AdvoCare for 11 years.  She has conducted 24-Day Challenges, which are comprised of small groups, for about a year.  The online program can also be started individually at any time.

“The success people experience through Advocare’s 24-Day Challenge is certain and unquestionable.  You will cut weight.  You will firm up your body,” the distributor promised. The program consists of a 10-day cleanse, followed by a 14-day Max Pack supplement plan.

Flexibility also affects the cost to each person, Longstreet noted. Prices are dependent on the client’s budget, goals, and the products they want, she said, adding “We can work with any budget and get a person started anywhere in the plan with one product or the whole 24-Day Challenge.  The more products, the better and faster the results.”

People can get started with as little as $22.95 to $228, Longstreet said.  “I provide free health coaching throughout the Challenge and beyond, plus provide meal and exercise plans, and a food choice list.”

To participate in the upcoming event, contact Paula Longstreet at, XXX-XXX-XXXX, or on Facebook.

Media contact:

Paula Longstreet,

AdvoCare Distributor,


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