Affordable Fee Schedule

Stealth Sales Specialties:

“One Strike, One Kill”

Get a solo, high-response promotional e-mail targeted to your list that presents your product or service as the ideal solution to your prospect’s pain.

AND—for now—get another solo e-mail promo FREE.

So–that’s TWO promo e-mails for only $149.

“The Ultimate Stealth Sales Weapon”

The smartest way to get new customers deeper into your sales funnel and closer to buying.

Today’s skeptical marketing climate has leapfrogged this copywriting standby to the forefront.  It’s a fact…the ideal stealth sales tool is now—the case study.

This sales-closer packs more punch than traditional advertising.  It’s unbeatable for creating and nurturing sales leads.

Case Study–$499.

“The Light at the Beginning of the Funnel”

Almost every online marketer agrees.  Giving away a free special report is the number one way to build your email list. 

So get the all-bases-covered, non-hypey package that launches eager-to-buy prospects into your sales funnel.

Stealth Sales Persuasion Package: Stealth Sales Special Report (7-9 content pages), 2-Page Sales Letter, Optimized Content Marketing Article, 1-Page Stealth Sales Press Release–$999–$1199.

Single Services:



Banner Ad—$99-$199

Billboard, Sign–$99-$199

Brochure–$49 per page of copy

Catalogue Copy–$59 per product review, quarter-page entry from provided info; non-product pages $249 per

Case Study—$499

Content Marketing Article (search engine optimized)–$79 per page

E-Book–Cover, content pages–$99 per

E-Mail Blast–$299

E-Mail Newsletter—One-time $2999-$9999; Ongoing publishing $399 plus

Ghostwritten Article–$99-$299

Home Page–$399-$699

Information Page, Website–$199+

Instruction Manual–$29 per page

Landing Page–$399-$1199

PPC Ad–$199-$399

Print Space Ad–$399-$1999

Online Ad–$99-$299

Sales Letter–$399-$599 per page

Sales Letter Package–$1999-$7999

Special Report–7–9 content pages incl. cover, $1299

Stealth Marketing Consultation–$199–Up to 2 hrs.

Stealth Sales Press Release–$89-$189

Slogan–$99-$199 for 10

Subliminal Hit Piece–$499

Telemarketing Script–$299-$1499

Video Sales Letter Script–$499-$699 per page

Website Content Booster—Starts at $599 for a site with  up to 6 pages (please contact me for periodic discounts)

White Paper–$299-$499 per page


Purchase order or letter of authorization required for all jobs. Copywriting, content marketing, and web auditing fees for projects are payable 100% in advance, or, if agreed upon, 50% in advance, balance upon delivery of the completed project.  (Milestone payments also available to certain clients.)

All revisions must be assigned within 30 days of receipt of copy. Two revisions will be made free of charge unless the revision is based on a change in the assignment made after copy is submitted.

Listed fees are guidelines only. Prices are dependent on size of assignment and complexity of subject matter.  Call today for a prompt price quotation on your specific assignment.

NOTE: This fee schedule is current as of January 2023.

Dale L. Sims, stealth sales strategist, 616-606-8076, or:

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