Instantly Protect Yourself With the Tiger’s Most Ferocious Weapon—Anywhere & in Any Environment

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Imagine having the instant ability to harness a savage tiger’s most feared weapon…

…to defend yourself from human predators in any environment—no matter how treacherous or confined.

Yes, you’re about to find out how you can quickly, easily and inexpensively get your hands on your own exotic, legendary and iconic Karambit Talon.

PLUS—this karambit is custom-made and has never been used.  (OK, I may have “slashed” the air with it several times while doing Silat* jurus—short upper-body forms—but that’s it.)

In fact, here’s a look at what soon could be yours:

Behold–The legendary Karambit Talon:  This sneaky, vicious weapon & handy, flexible cutting tool will provide you with a lifetime of confidence and safety (and probably a rep as someone not to mess with).

Now the karambit’s half-moon design compares to the claw of the merciless Asian Tiger.  And while designed for user safety, this multi-use, razor-sharp knife can swiftly cause a severe cut—and sunder most surfaces in split seconds.

Even better, you can master karambit techniques rapidly.  SO–you could soon be fast, confident and deadly in most self-defense scenarios—parking lot assault, street mugging, carjacking attempt, and so on.**

But realize,…

This close-quarters combat knife, it’s more than just the ideal lethal weapon

Here’s why…

During a fight, the karambit’s signature safety ring…

“…provides a strong, sure hold in all conditions and through the most unexpected stressors.  …It makes the knife exceptionally difficult to disarm or to turn against its user and…also allows the wielder to rely on the blade’s design for increased weapon retention instead of depending on grip strength alone.” (1.)

Also, the safety ring and design make it a valuable tool.  For instance, this ring is…

“Designed to prevent the blade from sliding back through the user’s hand while working at odd angles, on difficult tasks or in specialized environments (like underwater or while hanging upside down).”(1.)

In fact, this handy instrument first emerged from the jungles of West Java in the 11th century as a farming tool.

Then, it evolved as a dependable weapon to help Indonesian and Filipino villagers combat foreign invaders.(1.)

Anyway, since then, the karambit has been linked to self-defense and combat arts from the Asian Pacific area.

Specifically, it plays a large part in Pencak Silat training.  This Indonesian martial art introduced the world to this flexible and—you have to admit—ultra-cool weapon.

And if you live in the Grand Rapids, Mich., area, guess what?  My Karambit Talon was created by martial arts genius Chuck Pippin, co-founder Of Innovative Martial Arts, Wyoming, Mich.

Love martial arts weapons you can actually use every day?  Then you’ll want this karambit 

Now my version of this ultimate close-quarters combat weapon cost me $150.  And since it’s never touched another surface, charging that $150 for it would still be a bargain.

BUT–since I’ve “replaced” it with a larger, slightly different version, I’m offering this karambit to you for only $50. (Plus $7 for shipping and handling.)

And yes, I guarantee that your new conversation piece of the decade is in pristine condition.  However, once our exchange is made, that’s it.  There’s not enough involved here for a money-back offer.

Anyway, as you can see in the above picture, this confidence-building blade and its leather sheath are in ideal shape.

So—want to feel safe wherever you go and in whatever environment you find yourself by owning this coveted blade?**  Then let me know through this post, by e-mail, or with the form below.

And no worries about an overly complex exchange…

I’ll simply invoice you through PayPal and then send this weapon/tool after payment.

Now I’ll use standard mail.  But I’ll understand if you want your karambit sooner.  I’ll just add in the amount for extra postage.

So feel confident and protected anywhere, anytime, and under any condition.  Just contact me now through this post, by e-mail, or with the following form.






* Indonesia’s famed “umbrella” martial arts system

** Check Federal, State, and Local laws in your area governing karambit use and carry.


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