Writing Sample: Business Opportunity Sales Letter (AdvoCare)

Work-at-Home Distributors: Watch Revenue Rocket With These Proven Products

Struggling To Get Ahead In Your Work-at-Home Business?

Work-at-Home Distributors: Snowball Sales With These Proven Products

How To Start Your Own Business For Only $79 

(Tested heads)

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur:

Have your earnings hit a dead end?

Are you wondering why you rarely get repeat sales?

If so, you have three options:

  • Replacing your current product line
  • Adding a proven winner to your sales offerings
  • Quitting

Now if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you chose the first two alternatives. I’m glad, because I have a profitable message for you.

Namely, how you can start building your income today–despite the poor economy.

And doing so with a company you can trust.  A business known for the safe and effective products and unrivaled services they’ve offered for almost two decades.

And equally important to you, one with people who will show you how to make a lot of money in multiple ways.

The company to help you reach your goals is AdvoCare, which has lead its industry since its 1993 start.  How did it reach this level?  By providing nutritional supplements and sports enhancing products that perform as promised, yet still contain quality and safe ingredients.

And as recent as June 2008, AdvoCare received the Direct Selling Association’s (DSA) Innovation Award.  The DSA honors only the industry’s best at its annual banquet.

Warning: This opportunity has side effects.

  • Better control your schedule
  • Create a healthier lifestyle
  • Capture the rewards of helping others achieve their goals.

How You Get Unlimited Potential to Pull In Cash

Of the many reasons people become AdvoCare distributors, one benefit dominates: the ability to earn an enviable income five different ways working part-time hours.

And you’ll discover a proven plan for earning this income as soon as you begin.

Now let’s get specific about the “earn income five ways” part.

You can:

  • Earn Retail Commissions: Up to 40%
  • Earn Wholesale Commissions: Up to 20%
  • Earn Overrides on your organizational volume
  • Earn Leadership Bonuses on your complete organization
  • Earn Incentives, Trips, and Pay Period Bonuses, including $20,000 to top-achieving Advisors

AdvoCare distributors around the country love this aspect of their business.

*  “Where else in America can you earn income five different ways with one concerted effort?” asks Danny McDaniel, AdvoCare distributor, Coppell, Texas.  “This is what makes AdvoCare such an amazing part-time business for anyone who has a need to earn extra income.

“Our success with AdvoCare has allowed us to take vacations all over the world.  Also, we don’t have to answer to other people’s demands on our life over our family’s priorities,” McDaniel says.

*  Mark and Tatiana Truvillion, Southfield, Mich. distributors, were introduced to AdvoCare in 2004, and have expanded their business dramatically since.

“You have people who have dreams of owning their own business, and they’re willing to invest thousands and thousands of dollars to do that. With AdvoCare, it’s not a lot of money now to give up, to gain so much more later,” Tatiana said.

Before AdvoCare, Mark was in a job he knew could lose at any time. “It was a great job, but I knew what my income would be week in and week out. And it was an income anyone could take from me at any time, due to regular layoffs,” Mark said.

“When I looked at AdvoCare, I knew simply adding one or two champions to my organization and helping these champions do well, my income could explode, so why limit myself. I knew there was physically no way to actually lose with AdvoCare.”

Tatiana’s interest in AdvoCare grew when she heard about the five ways of getting paid. “Just knowing two ways of getting paid is something that got my attention, so when I was told there were five ways of getting paid – I liked the sound of that,” she said.

*  Independent Distributor Michael Ferro, Longwood, Fla., said when he started selling AdvoCare, he earned in 10 days what had previously taken two months.

And his sales and revenues continued to escalate.  “Within two years of joining, I achieved the level of 3 Star Gold, which paid an extra $40,000 a year,” Ferro added.  “To be a full-time dad, I would need the time and money only offered through AdvoCare. Life on your own terms is achievable.”

But that’s just part of the story…

Eliminate Debt Permanently With The Debtbuster System

Another popular benefit favored by many distributors is AdvoCare’s FREE Debtbuster System.

With this successful plan, you focus on conquering debt one bill at a time.  The resulting debt-elimination momentum enables you to gain financial freedom for life.

“I used DebtBuster from day one with AdvoCare,” says Jennifer Blundell, AdvoCare distributor, Kirkland, Wash. “I’m so excited to say that as of Nov. 1, 2009, I’m completely debt free.”

Coached by DebtBuster creator, Ron Reynolds, you will learn the essentials of earning interest, cutting credit-card debt, and tracking your progress with the DebtBuster workbook and DVD.

More Icing On The Cake

Confidence that you’re offering the best health and wellness products available is another AdvoCare advantage.

You can have this certainty because:

  • The products work

Thousands of people, including elite athletes such as NFL QB Colt Mc Coy, NFL RB Thomas Jones, NBA Guard Michael Redd, and bodybuilding champion Marcus Dungen, choose AdvoCare products because they get results.

You can view comments from the hundreds of professional athletes, coaches, entertainers, world champions, and other distributors at www.advocare.com/10024189.

  • The products are safe

Safety is our foremost consideration.  AdvoCare’s Scientific & Medical Advisory Board and Research and Development teams are the power behind our world-class product lines.  And each product has the team’s 270 combined years of experience behind it.

  • You will get results

AdvoCare Distributors are in business for themselves, but not by themselves.  Along with your sponsor, a dedicated Home Office team stands ready to support you on your journey toward success.

Additionally, AdvoCare offers award-winning sales aids and tools, a proven Success System, and an exciting calendar of training and company events.

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself,” Warren Buffett, investment guru and multi-billionaire

Mr. Buffett could have been talking about the AdvoCare advantage. AdvoCare has a proven track record and a reputation for excellence.  Their opportunity is real; the results are achievable; and the products and services are 100% guaranteed.

Become an AdvoCare Distributor today!  You’ll learn how to earn full-time income five different ways with one, part-time effort.

But wait, there’s even more. Once you become an AdvoCare distributor, you receive your own personal website. With this advantage, you gain access to exclusive offers, programs, and incentives that can help you succeed.

So what’s the investment to dramatically improve your business and life?

All it takes is a one-time investment of $79, which includes your distributor’s kit and $50 worth of samples.  There’s absolutely no risk on your part, just the promise of a way to re-ignite your financial future.

Again, AdvoCare backs their products and services with a 100% “no-worry” guarantee.  If you’re not satisfied, return the kit for a full, no-hassle refund.

And AdvoCare doesn’t just send you their kit and say, “Here you go. Good luck.”  As mentioned earlier, you’ll get full support from the national AdvoCare Office and your local distributor, Paula Longstreet.

So if you’re ready to put this troubled economy behind you, you can get started quickly and easily. Just go to http://www.advocare.com/10024189 and click on “The Opportunity” button on the left. From there, select “Join AdvoCare.”

And if you have any questions before you take this big step, you can email Paula at paulalongstreet@hotmail.com or call her at XXX-XXX-XXXX.



Dale L. Sims,

Marketing Coordinator,

Healthy Design


P.S.:  Most companies offer you some freebies as an incentive to accept their sales efforts.  AdvoCare tops that by giving you the ability to experience two of the top values held by Americans today.  Those values are financial security and peace of mind, says Dr. Frank Luntz, America’s hottest pollster according to the Boston Globe.  With AdvoCare’s guidance, you can share those values with thousands of AdvoCare Distributors starting now at http://www.advocare.com/10024189.

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