“One Strike, One Kill”: The Deadly Effective Way to Quick Email Profits

Did Your Last Solo Email Promo Reap Nothing But Lousy Open Rates & Click-Through Numbers?  

If So, Then This Message—And Combat-Based Game Plan–Is For You… 

Potent–Fast–Decisive: Solo email promos are the ultimate way to offer your product/service to your targeted audience as the ideal solution to their problem.

“One Strike, One Kill”: It’s a strategy for the ages.

In fact, look here, and you’ll see what I mean…

In 1605 AD Japan,…

Legendary samurai Miyamoto Musashi leaped from behind a tree and cleaved the skull of his enemy with his sword.

This one-strike kill of fellow warrior Matashichiro helped renowned sword master Musashi two ways: 

Escape a trap set by multiple opponents despite being alone.  And two, the surprise attack so dazed his enemies, he was able to slay all of them almost one at a time, in a matter of seconds.(1)

Over two thousand years earlier,…

David, an armor bearer for the Israelite army, faced the disdainful nine-foot tall Goliath.

As the giant closed in, the soon-to-be king of Israel, let fly a single stone from his sling.

That one smooth stone sank into the Philistinian champion’s forehead, sending him face down—and dead—to the ground.

And the rest of the Philistine army?  They turned and ran.(2)  (Judah, Early 1000 BC)

And in the Spring of 2004,…

Marine snipers used this battle-tested tactic to clear streets and mind-strike rebels in the battle for Fallujah, Iraq.

Killing enemy fighters with a single shot gave Marines in this Sunni Triangle city many advantages:

They intimidated their adversaries, kept them on the defensive, and hampered their ability to make further attacks.(3)


As you can see, this “One Strike, One Kill” approach provides plenty of advantages.  Potent, fast and decisive advantages.

But to succeed and profit from this tactic—in battle, or for our purposes, with solo email promotions—it has to be done the right way.

But before covering that, let me ask you something.  Has the following ever happened to you?

You sent out an email blast to your list.  You were super excited because you had a supreme product or service.

You daydreamed about all the money you were going to make.  You expected high open rates, huge click-through numbers and major conversion totals.

Then you waited.  And waited a little bit more.  But you finally had enough.

Tired and frustrated, you had to admit that the solo promo you had depended on was a dud–a waste of your time, money and effort.

You see, solo email promos only work when certain conditions are met.  That means you need to…

  • Have a strong working relationship with your list
  • Segment and target your list
  • Provide dynamic copy and content
  • Have a clear call to action

The first two points should already be in place, the last two are where my expertise comes in.

So now…

Imagine you have these factors in place.  Your opportunities for success have improved dramatically.

Now these result-based promos work best if you…

—offer peerless products and services

—have trouble creating your own solo emails

—have suffered disappointing responses in the past

Also, they’re perfect if you don’t want to take the time for an email sequence.

Now you may have been tempted by those cheap Google ads that offer “E-mail solo promos.”  Don’t get fooled.  Some quick online research will reveal that they’re nothing but hype and false promises.

Besides, you have a better choice…

The Smart Solution…

So why choose me to produce your profitable solo email promo(s)?

Actually, the evidence to support that decision is right in front of you.  You’re on my website, so you can see I have the proven education and experience.

But let me give you a quick rundown on that know-how anyway.

I’m a professionally trained writer, not someone who took a few online courses and started a business—like too many of my competitors.

Before starting my service over half a decade ago, I spent more than 10 years as a reporter, marketing writer and editor.

Plus, as a former radio station account executive, I sold ad space and wrote news content and advertising copy.

That means you’ll have someone on your side who’s skilled and practiced at creating original material—and making sales.

Also, I’ve written for big companies–New Market Health (Agora Inc.) and American Writers & Artists Inc.–and smaller businesses–Sunrise Villa and Hayesandhyde.com.

OK Dale, Just How Much Is A Solo Email Promo?

Actually, compared to how much revenue you can make, it’s a lot less than you’d expect.

Now my just-completed review of competitive pricing shows that most professionals demand at least $200 for an email blast.  But you won’t have to pay that much.

I only ask for $149 for one of my high-response solo e-mails.  Why so low?  Simple.  I don’t want price to be a problem here.

But to make this offer even more of a no-brainer, I’ll give you another solo e-mail promo FREE.

That means you get TWO promo e-mails for only $149.  That’s a savings of at least $250.

However, keep in mind, the busier I get, the more likely I am to change my mind about that price.  If so, then the cost will shoot up at least by $50.  So don’t wait.

And remember, solo promos are the ultimate fast, potent and decisive way to offer your product or service to your targeted audience as the ideal solution to their pain.

Also, I guarantee your complete satisfaction with my copy before you run your solo email message.

Every client I’ve worked with has told me that they were delighted and enthusiastic about my copy.

I expect you will be too.  But if you aren’t 100% satisfied, I will quickly revise your promo according to your specific guidelines at my expense.


Are you ready to take action?

My experience and expertise stand ready to create profitable solo email promos for you and your business.

All you have to do is use the short form below and we can get started.

To your success,

Dale L. Sims,

Stealth Sales Strategist


“The #1 Advocate for Self-Help Marketers”

P.S.:  As I said earlier, contact me now and you’re guaranteed two solo email promos for the price of one.  But it gets even better.

Just for reaching out to me, and with your permission, I’m going to email over to you two ultra useful bonuses.

Bonus #1:  Discover how to create winning USPs for your products or services with my action guide: “Finding Your Self-Help Product’s Unique Selling Proposition: 9 Coveted Copywriting Secrets That’ll Catapult Your Products Above the Competition.

This 24-page report details simple insider techniques that unlock the secrets to overcoming this tricky challenge many marketers face.

Bonus # 2:  Want quick subject ideas for original content marketing articles?  Not a problem anymore with my 40-page e-book: “Showcase Your Skills—and Knowledge—with Long-Form Stealth Marketing.”

You get seven zero-cost ways to promote your business, build authority and generate leads in the health, wellness, fitness and self-help markets.


  1. The 33 Strategies of War, Robert Greene, 2006
  2. The New International Version Bible, 2002
  3. http://articles.latimes.com/2004/apr/17/world/fg-sniper17


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