The Stealth Sales Persuasion Package

Psssst marketers and business owners, here’s something your competitors don’t want you to know…

There’s a Vital Content “Bridge” That Transforms Website Visitors Into Clients, Customers or Subscribers

Without it, Your Business Could be Doomed to Never Reach its Full Potential

But With it, You’ll Consistently Ramp Up Response Rates, Generate Leads & Make More Sales

Dear Discouraged Website Owner,

I’m not trying to shame anyone…

…but here’s the hard truth.

If you’re not offering a specific content piece—and your competitors are—you’re putting your business at a severe disadvantage.

You see, this content “lure” can often quickly and easily double, triple, even quadruple your website conversion rates.

Think of it like a bridge.  One that can link you to a future of more prospects, more leads and more sales.

Look, you’ve invested a lot of time, energy and money into your dream of building a prosperous business, career and website.  Don’t let that go to waste!

And if you’re frustrated and depressed because so many of your competitors and others showcase thriving websites, know this—

You could be just ONE step away from sharing in their prosperity.

Here’s why.  Most likely, they all offer an invaluable content asset on their website that you don’t.

So Stop Missing Out.  Because There’s a “Bridge over Troubled Water” That Can Spike Your Website’s Response Rates

You may have realized what content resource I’m referring to by now.  Truth is, it’s no secret among flourishing businesses and entrepreneurs.

So yes, we’re talking about the promotional special report.

From the moment you start providing this prospect “magnet,” you’ll feel excited and confident about beefing up your website’s response.  But remember, if you don’t offer it, your competitors will keep snatching customers and clients away with theirs.
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Also called a “bait piece,” this short info product focuses on educating prospects and moving them to contact you about your goods or services.(2)

This free resource includes targeted tips, tactics, guidance, strategies, and information of special interest needed by your prospects.

And if your report satisfies those cravings, you can see your website inquiries, leads and sales surge.

But not only can it increase site traffic and conversion rates, it also ups your subject credibility and authority.  Plus, it even prompts incoming web links.(2)

In short, “Your special report helps establish you as an expert in your field or niche while giving your reader something of great value—helpful information,” notes Bob Bly, marketer, copywriter and author.(2)

Report readers want to solve a problem.  And “When you provide them with the information they need, it becomes easier to persuade them to buy…,” Bly says.(2)

Look, prospects love special reports, Bly adds.  “They feel like they’re getting valuable information without having to make an investment.”(2)

That means you start your relationship on a positive note.

Plus, making your report available on your website is a one-time action.  No more having to blog on your or other sites.  And no more having to continually write or buy content.

Just start giving this resource away on your site and you can start benefiting soon afterward.

In fact, you’ll gain another huge advantage.  You create “a feeling of obligation because you’ve given the prospect something of value,” Bly explains.(2)

And oh, the many ways you can profit from this prospect “magnet.”

For instance, use it…

  • As a downloadable PDF to promote your business and website
  • To pre-empt objections and make the sales process easier
  • To expand your email opt-in list
  • To send as a follow-up sales tool
  • As a handout at conferences, presentations and tradeshows.
  • As part of your company sales package
  • As a long-form article for a trade publication
  • To update past and present clients and customers
  • To encourage subscriptions to your blog or e-zine
  • To keep your message in front of your prospects, clients, and customers for years
  • Even as a paid information info product (The more the merrier)(2)

 But beware of this…

Most Special Reports Are as Boring as a 10-Page Laundry List

Not mine though.

Dale L. Sims here.  I’m a stealth sales strategist, based in Grand Rapids, Mich.  My over 15 years of professional writing experience spans years as a reporter, editor, radio ad salesman, and copy and content writer.

An associate degree in journalism and a bachelor’s degree majoring in psychology and sociology provide a solid foundation for my clients today.

In fact, here’s what my more-than-satisfied-clients say:

Dale’s work is of the highest quality and it delivers results. He is prompt completing an assignment and always a pleasure to work with.”

Kevin Potter, Owner, Sunrise Villa Vacations, Cabrera, Dominican Republic

“Dale is a goldmine of copywriting ideas.  He always comes up with attention-getting, results-driven material for whatever kind of copywriting platform I need.   He is super resourceful, but most importantly, totally dependable regarding deadlines.”

Paula Longstreet, Owner, Healthy Design, Cadillac, Mich.

“Dale has always been a pleasure to work with, and his writing style is consistently precise, pertinent and intelligible. Whatever the project, I recommend him to you without equivocation.”

Kevin Hayes, St. Johns, MI, attorney and author of Kickland, Don’t Vote for Me, Amrit’s Sin of 2pi.

“His writing and analytical skills are sharply honed.  He is industrious and dedicated.  Dale’s approach to his job can be characterized as truly professional.”

Susan E. Smith, City Manager (Grand Rapids, MI), The Hertz Corp.

“There have been many occasions when I have directly issued him assignments and have, subsequently, evaluated his work. Without exception, Sims has presented me with very high-quality professional results.”

Lt. Col. Albert E. Lewis, commander, 1140th US Army Signal Bn.

What this means is that I don’t just hack out the same old dull material like, well, almost everyone else.  This especially applies to special reports, or as I call them “action guides.”

Also, your report is created specifically created for your business.


Your Stealth Sales Special Report strategically influences readers through my consumer psychology, persuasion science, and neuromarketing experience and education.

Emotional triggers, persuasion levers and switches, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Language Patterns are all subtly and seamlessly seeded into your report.

Plus, your stealth guide gets more muscle from my expertise in dominant emotion copywriting.  This buzz-saw incisive approach employs your prospect’s strongest emotion about your subject.

That trigger grabs attention and keeps it at a peak state.  And, additional emotional levers are applied to boost your report’s impact even more.

But that’s not all.

The emotional punch of selling through sales stories also propels your report’s message.  This builds rapport and value while tackling objections, creating a sense of urgency, spicing up data and more.

Why is all this experience and expertise so crucial?

In a nutshell–bored, unmotivated readers don’t subscribe, inquire or buy.

So now you can…

Bridge the Gap: Offer Your Prospects Something That Will Keep You “Top of Mind” for Years

First though, let’s stop for a moment.   Picture your most recent failed attempt to boost your poor response rates.

Did you try blogging?  Shot-gunning content on social media?  Or even buying ads on Facebook?

Possibly, you’ve done nothing yet.

No matter.

Now imagine the situation above that applies to you.

But this time, you now offer website visitors a Stealth Sales Special Report. See yourself actually get the subscribers, leads and revenue you always knew you could.

That would be ideal, wouldn’t it?

In short, offering a Stealth Sales Special Report can take you, your business and your website from where you are now—to where you want to be.  Yep, just like a bridge.

OK, so I now have my new action guide, now what?” You may ask.

First, congratulations.  You can whip up more subscribers, leads and sales by offering it to website visitors, at sales meetings, by direct mail and so on.

Or, you can explode the potential for that by getting the Stealth Sales Persuasion Package.

This advanced bundle multiplies your opportunities for success three-fold.

It includes…

The Powerhouse of the Direct Marketing World: The Sales Letter

A sales letter can launch a tidal wave of visitors to your website, Bly, our marketing pro, says.

When it comes to making truckloads of money with your marketing…there’s almost nothing more valuable than a killer sales letter,” he adds.(4)

And as legendary copywriter Gary Halbert notes: “You can solve any problem with a good sales letter.”

In our case, your promotion will grab your prospects’ attention and lead it through why they will want your report—and why they should hurry and get it.

Its goal is to bring in as many subscribers, customers or clients as possible.

Also, sales letters give you a tactical advantage over your competitors and have been used for almost a century to do that.

And as part of your bundle deal, you’ll get a 2-page sales promo to pull prospects to your website.

And that’s just the beginning.  You’ll also get…

The Top Marketing Aid to Attract, Impress, Engage & Convert Visitors

That’s right.  Your package includes a web optimized content marketing article—another stellar stealth sales tool.

This article offers valuable information that your prospects are actively seeking, says Pamela Wilson, executive VP of Educational Content for Rainmaker Digital and Copyblogger.

Content Marketing…it’s like offering fish delicious, nutritious bait and inviting them to swim your way.  It draws them in,” she adds.(5)

The best part?  Many of these readers will become buyers and then repeat customers, Wilson notes.(5)

 And since your article is web optimized, you can profit from it in search engines and social media.  Get more leads, attract incoming links and build relationships.(6)

Also, Google wants useful, original, well-written and interesting content, says Nick Usborne, popular and longtime web copy and content writer.(6)

Optimized content…achieves a specific purpose.  You’ve got to get your readers to take some kind of action as a measure of success,” he comments.(6)

That’s what your optimized content article can do for you.

Next—your report gets bolstered by…

A Covert Persuasion Tool That Persuades Prospects to Crave Your Report

My exclusive Stealth Sales Press Release works because…

…it’s based on proven but subtle sales principles and persuasion science tactics used by master marketers.

Here’s how it builds desire for your report….

  • Uses NLP Language Patterns plus a hidden sales structure. In fact, this disguised sales tool uses the basic formula—Attention, Desire, Interest and Action—of almost all successful promotions.
  • Headlines and leads that snatch eyeballs with messages that arouse curiosity and promise big benefits.
  • May employ a compelling short story to heighten interest in your goods or services.
  • Testimonials focused on successful customer results, the advantages of your goods/services, and your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
  • A convincing Call-to-Action based on whether you want prospects to inquire, subscribe or make a purchase. This also includes a link to your site.

And if you think press releases are dead because of blogging, social media and other content, guess what?

Not true, declare the experts:

“The press release is still alive and well. In order to get your story out there, you still need to complete at least a one-pager and not 140 characters,” says Brian Garrido, founder of public relations agency BG Global.(7)

Adds Cheryl Bame, principal at Bame Public Relations: “…If someone thinks the traditional press release is dead, they are wrong!”(7)

All in all, this package gives you a lot of ammo to help spread the good news that your new action guide is now available.

And to help make your decision even easier, I’m going to make you…

An Offer You CAN Refuse

(But If You Want Help Getting More Subscribers, Leads & Sales—Why Would You?)

You see, right now you’re at a crossroad.

One road keeps your business, career and website stagnant—few inquiries and leads, and even fewer sales.

The other offers a bridge.  One that can connect you and your firm with that success you’ve been craving, even fantasizing about for years.

And to help you achieve that dream, this purpose-driven package offers you all of these multi-channel promotional pieces…

***A Stealth Sales Special Report designed to inform and motivate prospects to go to your website and subscribe, inquire or buy. An action guide aimed at keeping your goods or services “top-of-mind” now and in the future.

***The popular workhorse of the Direct Marketing world—the sales letter. This persuasive promotion’s only job is to pull readers to your site to get your report.

***An optimized web content article. Attract, impress, engage and convert readers and propel them to take the action of downloading your guide from your site.

***A Stealth Sales Press Release to channel desire for your report. It’s packed with hidden sales and cognitive science principles to cause prospects to want to know more about your product or service.

As you can see, I go to great lengths to over-deliver so you can get the results you want.

So let me ask you…

What Is Multiplying Your Website Response Worth to You?

Like thousands of companies, you may have already spent plenty of time, energy and money on advertising and marketing.  But—not gotten the results you want.

That’s because you’re missing this crucial ingredient—the Stealth Sales Special Report.

This guide is different than the laundry lists churned out by online content mills, ad agencies and my competitors.

That’s because for the first time ever, you can get a promotional special report that’s packed with the latest strategies from cognitive psychology, neuromarketing and the persuasion sciences.

Plus, when you get the Stealth Sales Persuasion Package, you can efficiently and completely promote it.

So now, you can finally get the results you desperately want.

First though, let’s add up the cost of each item in the stealth sales package.  If you were to have a big-name copywriter or ad agency create them individually, you’d pay:

  • Special Report–$500—$1,000+(9)
  • 2-Page Sales Letter–$2,000 ($1,000 per page)(8)
  • Content Article–$250–$800(9)
  • Press Release–$500–$1,000(9)

As you can see, even using the lowest prices, that’s a total of $3,250!

But relax, with me you’re not going to have to pay $3,250—or even close to that.

No—you can be on your way to transforming your website’s depressingly low response rate for almost half that.

In fact, if you act now, you can get your package for the introductory price of just $1699.

That’s right, your mind eased for the low investment of just $1699–an absolute steal.

What’s that, you’re already set up to promote your new action guide? No problem.  You can get a 7— 9-page Stealth Sales Special Report for just $1299—for now.

But note.  Both of these prices are introductory, and once I squeeze new orders into my schedule, I’ll hike each offering at least $200.

And now, more good news…

Take Your First Step Today & You’ll Also Get 2 Problem-Solving Bonuses

Frustrated trying to create Unique Selling Propositions for your goods or services?

Want seven authority-building yet no-cost ways to generate leads and promote your business?

Then these two free, exclusive bonuses are exactly what you need to ramp up your website response and upgrade your business.

So take advantage of one of the two offers above and I’ll rush-email you these PDFs:

Finding Your Self-Help Product’s Unique Selling Proposition: 9 Coveted Copywriting Secrets That’ll Catapult Your Products Above the Competition

This 24-page action guide unlocks the secrets to easily creating successful unique selling propositions.

Here’s a sneak peek at the advantages you’ll gain:

  • You’ll discover a sure-fire way to overcome the huge challenge of creating solo or multiple USPs
  • Need a USP fast? Then see pages 23–24 for a step-by-step strategy
  • Plus you’ll discover seven insider secrets for creating distinctly different USPs – available nowhere else!

Next, you’ll get…

Showcase Your Skills—and Knowledge—with Long-Form Stealth Marketing

This 40-page e-book on stealth sales will make it easier, safer—and less costly—for you to promote your business.This info-filled yet fun-to-read source reveals:

–One-of-a-kind sources for content marketing articles

–How to avoid legal horrors in content and copy

—Guidance from Sherlock Holmes that ensures smooth writing of both copy and content

–Fast and easy methods to find Unique Selling Propositions for health, wellness, self-help, and fitness products and services

–How to use story to stealth-market services

–Why marketers can’t take this well-known copywriting tactic for granted in nutritional supplement copy

–Why many fat-loss promos don’t work anymore

Next, just to ease your mind, here’s…

My Carved-In-Stone, No-Strings-Attached “Stealth Sales Guarantee” To You

Here’s how it works:

“This 100% satisfaction guarantee promises best content practices aimed at getting you maximum results.  In short, your new special report focuses on positioning you as a top expert and authority in your market.

And if I don’t do that, you’ll get your investment back quickly and hassle-free.  And, you can keep your bonus USP action guide and stealth marketing e-book.”

Plus, every client I’ve worked with has told me that they were delighted and enthusiastic about my copy and content.

I expect you will be too.  But if you aren’t 100% satisfied, I will quickly revise your “bait piece” according to your specific guidelines at my expense.

So you’re getting everything you want to aid you in capturing more subscribers, leads and sales—risk-free.

In fact, you can quickly start on the path to better website response right now.  Just fill out the short form after this message and press that send button.

If you’re still not sure, think of it this way…

You Want to Face the Future Feeling Confident—Not Powerless

Sure, you can cross your fingers and accept more uncertainty and frustration.  But think of the time, money and anxiety that costs you.

Right now, you can know that you’re making the smartest move possible.

Look, I’m the only professional who offers the proprietary Stealth Sales Special Report and Package.

No one else creates these guides using the scientific “sorcery” and time-tested techniques of…


…Content Creation…



…And the Persuasion Sciences.

So don’t wait another minute.  Here’s why.  You could be losing business as you read this. But don’t fret—you can take charge of the future of your website, business and career today.

Just fill out the easy form following this message and blast it over.

To more subscribers, leads and sales from your website,

Dale L. Sims,

Stealth Sales Strategist

“The #1 Advocate for Self-Help Marketers”

P.S.: Look, if you pass on this offer, you’ll just keep struggling–few subscribers, few leads and few sales.  But when you start offering website visitors a compelling custom-made special report that can change quickly.

So let me ask: How soon do you want to want to start profiting from your new website response rates?

All it takes is for you to say “No More” to missed opportunity and the same old bleak results.

If you’re ready to take control of your business’s destiny—just fill out the following short form and click “Submit.”

P.S.S.: Here’s the other big reason to contact me today.

As the world’s only stealth sales strategist, open slots in my schedule are few.  And when I do have one, it gets filled quickly.

So contact me today to grab the soonest available opening.

Take that first step in making your dreams of a profitable website a reality by filling out and shooting over the short form below.


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