Writing Sample: Business Opportunity Ad (Le-Vel)

(Little specific information available on this new company when written.)

The Only Way Left to Make Serious Money With a Home-Based Business

Imagine yourself wearing a gray pinstripe suit, white IBM shirt, and conservative tie. You’re sitting at a lacquered cherry-wood conference table in a multinational corporation, sipping a piping-hot French Roast…

It’s 1961; you’re hyped and motivated for this sales meeting because you represent IBM, the most successful computer company in the world.

Every client business you visit, from the CEO down, respects your knowledge and skill.

Discover a real opportunity-of-a-lifetime that’ll ramp up your life, health–and bank account.

They know your products are superior to everything else out there. And they know you make top dollar selling them. But most importantly, they know you’re backed by a company that would do whatever it could to make sure both you and customers succeeded.

Now you’re probably thinking: “Those days of big-money opportunities with cutting edge, one-of-a-kind products people go crazy over, are long gone.”

If so, you’re wrong.

Let me introduce you to a new vision of life called the Ultimate Premium Lifestyle, or LV Life for short. LV stands for Le-Vel Brand, the trailblazing company offering this unique opportunity.

“Unique? Yeah right.” You’ve heard that one before too, huh? Sure, the web is packed with scam stories of daring entrepreneurs supposedly raking in fortunes on the latest multi-level marketing scheme.

Well, what I’ve found out about Le-Vel and THRIVE contradicts what you’ve been hearing and reading lately.

This is a real opportunity-of-a-lifetime that’ll ramp up your life, health–and bank account. And right now is a fun and rewarding time to get started.

In fact, you can sneak-peak the LV Life during this VIP pre-launch and reap weekly rewards such as Gucci and RayBan goodies, plus iPads, iPods and much more.

Also, the aggressive and innovative compensation plan caters to you whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned professional.

See a New Vision of Opportunity and Income Building Revealed

Le-Vel’s entirely new, entirely different approach shatters the tiresome image most people have of home-business opportunities.

For starters, you’ll discover THRIVE, Le-Vel’s popular flagship product. This all-in-one capsule powers health and wellness and, like its name, enables you to thrive in all aspects of your life.

So not only will you be able to build a profitable business but you can help boost brain power…forge lean muscle…shed pounds…ease join discomfort…slow aging…and much more.

This means instead of focusing on the opportunity like most companies, Le-Vel focuses on you and your development. And once you try the FREE samples, you’ll get to truly know and love THRIVE.  You then simply share this info with friends, family, and later, the target market you decide on.

Le-Vel has found, as you will, that once people try THRIVE, they want to make it part of their life.

In fact, let’s hear from some of those excited individuals who have already taken this first step.

First up is Julie Whitmore Meuth: “THRIVE is amazing! I lost 6 pounds in 4 days while traveling and eating out. Not only do we feel balanced, focused and energized but lost weight too.”

Julie’s team has expanded to 600 highly motivated individuals, “because we are so excited with the results of one small, all-natural capsule!”

Le-Vel and THRIVE can transform your life in many different ways, says Susan Myers Guillen.

“You can not only impact your own life financially by adding an additional stream of revenue but THRIVE can change the way feel physically. Or help someone else who may be suffering.”

THRIVE has also helped Susan’s dad, pain-racked daily from a life-sapping illness, get his life back. “Gave THRIVE to my dad this weekend and within 15 minutes he said the cobwebs in his head were gone,” she said. “He suffers every day because of his low energy level but the last couple of days have been great for him! THRIVE has given him back his life.”

And saying that Darryl M. Clark hasn’t been this excited in years is an understatement: “The most amazing part is, the LV Life is in Pre-Launch…I can’t sleep at night! The THRIVE Life Style products are simply amazing! This company rocks, my upline rocks, and my team is rocking and explosive.”

I know, I know. This does sound too good to be true. But don’t mistake these comments of excitement for exaggeration. Le-vel and THRIVE can have a monumental impact on every part of your life.

And ask yourself, “Is this excitement, this much potential, missing in my life and business right now?

So do your due diligence and research the Premium Lifestyle Le-Vel is offering you—on the search engines, our Facebook page, and at http://rebecca45.le-vel.com where you can get more details.

Discover a Proven System for Building Your Own Business Empire Starting Today

Yes, there are a lot of scams out there–this is not one of them.

Carrie E. Ohlsen, CEO of the Ohlsen sales team, explains why the Le-Vel system works:  “Most people don’t take the time to learn how to market their LV Life business the right way. Instead, they resort to relying solely on recruiting friends and family.

While that method works for speed and generating an immediate paycheck, it’s not the long-term method of growing a large business with the huge walk-away income we’re all looking for, she continued.

“You must have some sort of system of getting your message out in front of your target market, a way to bring people to YOU! One that does do the sorting and qualifying for you,” Ohlsen explained.

You DO NOT want the grind of having to chase after prospects, she emphasized.

“So people fail because they aren’t using a proven, step-by-step, fail-proof systematic way to grow their business after they’ve ran through their warm market,” Ohlsen noted.

 The good news is, Le-Vel offers this needed structure and support. You also get a personal Le-Vel replicated website, which it updates 1 or 2 times a week to keep you, friends, and family in the loop about vital company info.

This means you don’t have to stress about being “in the know” about new strategies, money-making ideas, and much more.

Turn Around Your Fortunes By Joining Today!

So it comes down to this: Do you have the courage for the Ultra Premium Lifestyle?

  • To be one of the new waves of millionaire’s the LV Life is about to generate in record time?
  • To be part of a company that plans on being a household name by 2013?
  • To get involved in a business that wants their logo in millions of homes in just the next 2 years?

Yes, that’s kind of ambitious. But obviously, since you’ve stayed with me this far, so are you.

And all you have to do to lock up your part in the ultimate home-based opportunity of 2013 is to go to http://rebecca45.le-vel.com and join.

The choice is up to you:  You can continue on the treadmill you’re on today, or, you can start living the premium lifestyle now.  And remember, it costs you absolutely nothing to prove to yourself the truth behind this life-changing, wealth-building invitation.

So do you want the power to demand what you want from life? If so, that power is waiting for you at http://rebecca45.le-vel.com

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