Self-Help Market Writing Sample: New Breakthrough Protein Drink

Are You Looking for a Quick, Convenient Way to Get Superior Protein?

Finally, a Quick, Convenient Way to Get Superior Protein for Your Workouts

Quick, Convenient New Protein Promises Big Strength, Speed Gains

Is Your Protein Supplement as Worthless as Dirt? 

(Tested Heads)

Are you ready to powerfully transform the effectiveness of your workouts–swiftly and easily?

If so, you’ll be happy to know about a new high-performance protein formula that delivers ultra-fast results without the hassles of most protein products.

Lugging around your protein mix and counting scoops gets annoying. And paying for expensive protein drinks where you workout? Ridiculously expensive.

You won’t have to do either anymore with the new Pro-20. Even better though, are the results you’re going to get.

And I’m not talking about dropping a few pounds or looking a little more toned, no, I’m promising mind-blowing, awe-inspiring changes.  More power, more speed, more agility, and better reaction time and performance than you ever thought possible.

All delivered quickly and conveniently by Pro-20, the new cutting-edge liquid protein and amino acid supplement from AdvoCare, America’s top choice for fitness supplements since 1993.

Pro-20 has more punch than other proteins, portable or not, because it’s packed with 200 milligrams of Alpha-GPC. And recent scientific studies show this nutrient skyrockets gains in strength, speed, mobility, reaction time, and overall ability.

As someone who appreciates the importance of protein intake and timing, you know protein is vital to building muscle, and repairing and strengthening your body. What you’ve been missing is an easy, affordable and convenient solution.

Enter Pro-20, AdvoCare’s newest Performance Elite offering…

Finally, the Key to Real and Lasting Workout Results

Let’s take a closer look at why you need Pro-20 and how this trail-blazing formula will take your workouts to the next level.

You have a busy lifestyle and tight schedule, and need to get your protein quickly.  You also need to get it conveniently before or after workouts. Heck, there may also be times you  just want to get some extra protein.

Pro-20 more than has you covered.

For example, just by itself, Alpha-GPC has almost miraculous powers. In fact, this nutrient bolsters your powers in four major areas, according to medical researchers at

Let me give you a quick rundown on how it does this…

  • It ramps up strength from physical training. After the compound acetylcholine activates Alpha-GPC and speeds up nerve impulses, you  gain greater strength.
  • It heightens mental focus. Alpha-GPC increases mental alertness without caffeine or other stimulants, unlike many energy boosters. And, it provides a mild relaxation effect at the same time.
  • It increases mind-body communication, giving you quicker reflexes and response times. Research shows it also enhances balance and coordination.
  • It builds up Human Growth Hormone (HGH), a powerful anabolic substance that occurs naturally in the body. Produced by the pituitary gland, HGH stimulates the growth of muscle, cartilage and bone. And it’s released quicker after GPC boosts  and works with your Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones.

In addition, each bottle of Pro-20 has only 140 calories and delivers 20 grams of soluble hydrolyzed protein.

And what’s the ideal way to keep your muscles strong?

You got it, getting quickly-absorbed complete protein to them. Your body craves protein for making muscles…and for fast recovery from workouts and injuries. Additionally, protein helps build enzymes, hormones, bones, skin, cartilage and blood.

Nutrition expert Nan Kathryn Fuchs, Ph.D., says:  “If you can get 15 grams of protein in one serving, you’re really boosting your daily protein intake.”

Boosting Performance with these Potent B-Vitamins

Want to be a high-performance athlete?

Then get your B-vitamins, recent scientific research reveals.

These studies claim a link between B-vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B-6, B-12 and folate) and performance in elite athletes. B-vitamins, called micronutrients, convert proteins and carbs into energy, and aid in cell repair and production.

In fact, Oregon State University researchers discovered that athletes who lack B-vitamins suffer while trying to perform during extreme workouts.  They’re also less able to repair injured muscles or strengthen muscle mass than those who eat a diet rich in B-vitamins.

Also recommended: Athletes who have poor or restricted diets need to consider taking a multivitamin/mineral supplement.

And Pro-20 unleashes 4 mgs. of B-12, or 200 percent of your daily values (DV), while providing 12 mcgs. or 200 percent of your needed B-6.

But this amazing formula offers even more hard-hitting artillery…

Amino Acids: Adding More High-Octane Fuel for Unbeatable Results

You’ll get these results because Pro-20 packs a 1-2 punch of amino acids, the building blocks of muscle.

And one of the most crucial to the muscle-building process seems to be L-leucine, according to a study by D. S. Willoughby, J. R. Stout, and C. D. Wilborn in 2007. Their research, aimed at resistance training and protein and amino acid supplementation, showed that taking just a small amount of L-leucine immediately after workouts provided an extra boost.

This edge is protein combined with other compounds that jump-start muscle tissue growth…something older athletes especially need. And Pro-20 has 200 mg. of this crucial recovery agent.

And if L-leucine is the strong left jab in this combo, 200 mgs. of Citrulline is the powerful right cross.

This amino acid is generally used by bodybuilders to amplify endurance. According to Robert Erdmann’s “Amino Revolution,” citrulline delays muscle fatigue and weakness.

This means you can work out longer because it now takes more time for your muscles to get worn out.

And this nutrient does something else extremely valuable.

Ciitrulline also works to boost your body’s immune system by clearing out toxins from your body, according to “Thorsons Guide to Amino Acids,” by Leon Chaitow

You Can Take this Muscle-Building Breakthrough with Confidence

And to make sure you’re getting the most scientifically advanced and trustworthy protein formula possible, AdvoCare’s Scientific and Medical Advisory Board extensively tested Pro-20 to prove its safety and effectiveness.

To do this, the board uses its 270 years of combined experience in medicine, nutrition, and science to make sure you’re getting the highest quality ingredients based on the latest research.

Board member Leanne M. Redman, Ph.D., MS, sums it up best:

“The board is at the cutting edge of scientific research to ensure continued development of extraordinary nutritional products like Pro-20.” Dr. Redman is an assistant professor at the Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, La.

The Secret Weapon that Keeps World-Class Athletes in Top Form

Adding Pro-20 to your fitness routine and life is a no-brainer. And the thousands of professional and amateur athletes who use this revolutionary new formula to transform their workout results agree.

In fact, let’s here from some of them…

Marcus Dungen, a natural bodybuilding champion from Colorado Springs, Colo., says: “I’m experiencing better physical health, increased energy, more muscle mass, better mental focus and better quality of life.”

Adds freestyle wrestling champion Trent Paulson, Ames, Iowa: “I have an edge to compete at the highest level of wrestling competition.”

Natalie Burgener, Team USA weightlifter, Colorado Springs, Colo., notes: “AdvoCare has helped me decrease body fat, gain muscle mass and allow me to recover faster from my workouts.”

So why not let Pro-20 open the door to more productive workouts and dramatic, lasting results for you? You’ll also heighten your sense of well-being and start enjoying improved health day after day.

Now don’t get me wrong, Pro-20 won’t enable you live forever or become a superstar athlete overnight. But its positive effects will be felt in many areas of your life.

Because if you’re like me, the joy of a great workout spills out to your whole day and beyond. And Pro-20 ensures every fitness session is a great one.

You’ve got Nothing to Lose; Everything to Gain

If you’re serious about grabbing maximum effect from your workouts by getting superior protein into your system quickly and conveniently, why not order Pro-20 now?

Then, you can start enjoying more power, speed, and energy, plus quicker exercise recovery, despite your busy schedule.

So the choice is simple….

Continue using mediocre protein–when you have time to measure and mix it–or…get premium protein that easily fits your fast-paced lifestyle.

And because AdvoCare is so confident and proud of what Pro-20 can do, it comes with TWO guarantees.

First, I’m 100% certain you’re going to love Pro-20 and the many improvements you’ll soon be enjoying because of it.

But I want to make sure that you’re completely happy with Pro-20 and you’re experience with AdvoCare. So I offer a full, no-fuss, money-back 30-day guarantee if you don’t start enjoying results as good or better as promised.

You also get our “Ask Anyone About AdvoCare” guarantee.  Go to any online search engine. Type in “AdvoCare.” And page after page of praise and testimonials for AdvoCare and our products will come up.

Get the Protein Booster…and Results…You’ve Been Searching For

So, isn’t it time you took the work out of getting your protein?

If you agree, then getting this potent and exclusive formula is fast and simple. Just use the AdvoCare easy ordering system. Go to and click on “The Products” button on the upper left. The push the “Performance Elite” button and select Pro-20.

And right now, one box of Pro-20, which contains 8 bottles, is yours for only $37.95. However, this introductory rate could increase soon.

And…I’ve compared prices online and off. I found protein supplements–powder and liquid, whey and soy—between $20 and $75. Basically, either cheap and weak, or expensive but still not up to Pro-20’s standards—superior ingredients, and quick and convenient to take.

So order and know you’re getting the best value possible.

And if you have any questions before or after you order, just call or email me, Paula Longstreet, your AdvoCare Distributor, at 231-878-3116 or

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