Resumes: Afraid Your Work History Tells Human Resources That You’re a “Problem” Candidate?

You Can Stop Worrying Now, Because…

…This New Interview-Landing Resume Can Still Persuade Hiring Managers to Declare, “You’re the Person I’m Looking For!”

Dear Troubled but Determined Job Seeker,

Does your current resume or job history have a few—or more—“black holes”…?

…Areas that cause your chances of getting a decent or dream job to—poof–vanish the second they’re discovered?

If so, you’re certainly not alone.

Nowadays, owning a resume or work history with trouble spots such as…

  • Limited or zero experience in your targeted career
  • An inconsistent employment record
  • A lengthy period—or several—between jobs

…is common.

Yet, it can still puncture your chances of getting your desired position.

That’s why you might, like many job seekers, feel powerless.  You believe past employment problems doom your chances of getting a fulfilling, decent-paying job.  And, your life back on track.

But–you don’t have to anymore.

Picture a week or so from now.  A human resources manager reads your new resume—stands up, fist-pumps, and shouts, “Yeah.”

Next, imagine your future employer grabbing the phone and calling you…

This could actually happen to you shortly.

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

Butit’s not going to happen to you, unless…

…you get a resume that—despite your past problems—still doesn’t promote you as the best possible candidate.

So What’s Your Safest First Move?

Avoid generic resumes. They kill your chances of ever getting an interview.

Your enemy here is a resume…

…spit out from your computer based on some online template.  Free yes, but thousands of other job seekers are using it too

…cranked out by one of the hundreds of internet resume mills

…or hacked out by some out-of-work human resources staffer

Regardless of the source though, the results are the same.  No interview call like the one mentioned earlier, no job offers, and no bright future.

Instead, you lose valuable time—money probably too–and endure needless frustration.

You see, their resume won’t present your education, work history, and other vital experience using persuasion strategies and cognitive psychology that transform past problems.

Also, too often, their product reads more like an employment diary or laundry list. Translation: a boring and unattractive resume.

So what’s the solution?  You–getting a Stealth Sales Resume.

These compelling, interview-landing resumes are strategic marketing masterpieces that despite your past challenges…

  • Grab hiring manager’s attention.
  • Compellingly spotlight how you can make employers more successful.
  • Convince employers you’re the ideal candidate for their job opening or promotion.

And–they do the above with more than just proven, tested formulas.

They also combine the potency of persuasion science…salesmanship…dominant emotion copywriting…advertising…and search engine optimization (SEO).

Crappy Job History or None at All?  You Can STILL Grab the Competitive Advantage.  Here’s How…

Look, I’m Dale L. Sims, a stealth sales strategist based in Grand Rapids, Mich.  Since 2010, I’ve delivered marketing and website consulting and copy and content writing services.

From that, I’ve taken my experience with the persuasion sciences, dominant emotion copywriting, and creating unique selling and value propositions and applied it to creating resumes.

Oh, FYI, dominant emotion copywriting finds and triggers your reader’s strongest emotion about a subject to nail-gun their attention to your message.

Plus, before 2010, I spent 13 years as a Back Office Manager for the world’s number one car rental agency, the Hertz Corp.

There, I examined at least one or more resumes daily.  After review, these resumes went into one of three piles—the promising, OK, and NFW (In short, “No @*%!# Way”).

Only the promising resumes made it to my supervisor.

What kept resumes out of that promising pile?

Either they…

…didn’t convey value

…read and looked template-based

…lacked an info-packed yet mesmerizing professional profile

…didn’t have search engine optimized (SEO) words and phrases

…or contained those “black holes”—no or little experience, bad job record, long periods of unemployment—covered earlier.

Of course I now realize my stealth sales strategies could have salvaged the chances of a lot of these job candidates.   Especially those in that last group.  AND, many of them could have lassoed interview or even job offers.

Now, I’ve already touched on what makes this Stealth Sales Solution work so well.  But give me a minute to fill you in on some of the specifics.

First though, I want to admit something….  Most resume writers do a decent job of meeting the basic standards needed today.

They can provide—

–concise, compelling content

–an effective, expected format

–and an attractive, appropriate design.

But they drop the ball when it comes to two key parts–ones vital to showcasing your unique achievements and characteristics.(1)

These must-haves are Personal Branding and Framing.  Two areas my background provides years of experience in using for persuasive communications.

     ***Personal Branding, a major trend today, portrays how your style, personality and other traits make you the ideal choice.

Also, potent branding broadcasts your unique value proposition.  This helps decision makers see the advantage of hiring you.

     ***Framing presents your education and experience strategically.  Their context and relevance then get maximum mileage.

Of course problem areas get reframed as advantages.  And if that’s not possible, they’re moved toward the resume’s ending, or deleted.

Now I’m going to give you two examples of clients I’ve helped by using these advertising and psychological techniques.

And while the second person’s story fits more into my specialty, both individuals had their careers and lives enriched and transformed.

So here’s how my resumes generated…

Career Confidence: How a Mother and Son Got Theirs

First, the mother…

X. Smith manages a corporate location for a major rent-a-car agency.  (FYI–Her personal info is confidential because corporate HR frequently Googles top employees to check if they’re job hunting.)

Anyway, she earns a high salary and gets free use of a new car whenever she wants.  But–her position doesn’t come trouble-free.

Smith is a maverick.  And as such, she keeps her city on or near the top of her company’s profit and revenue charts.

But she has her detractors–and every once in a while somebody comes gunning for her job.

So a couple of years of years ago, Smith, feeling under pressure, asked me to create a professional resume for her.

I did.  And now she doesn’t suffer the doubts and anxieties she used to.

Now, no matter what happens professionally, I know I’m not only prepared to get another job, I’m positioned to get a similar or even better one,” she says.

A year later, her son Chris faced a different challenge. In fact, it may be similar to what’s staring at you.

At the time, Chris worked as an instant return rep for a different car rental company.  But he wanted to make his move into a more professional position.

Then a dream job opened–a position with a large local medical provider. Chris knew his psychology degree gave him the educational background to go for it.

But one problem–he had zero specialized experience.

Fortunately, he remembered how I had helped his mom.

So Chris emailed me about his plight. I created a resume not only highlighting his psychology education but how he enhanced his past and current work with that knowledge.

And shortly after he submitted his Stealth Sales Resume–Chris had his dream job.

His thoughts?

I knew how happy and confident my mom was after Mr. Sims did her resume.  So I figured I’d get the same results.

“And did I!  I couldn’t believe how he used my education and work experience to turn me into the ideal candidate for my dream job.”

So now–like mother, like son–Chris says he‘s as elated and positive about his future as his mother.

You can now share those feelings…

In fact, if you reach out to me today, you’ll shortly…

Have the Complete Confidence That Comes From Owning an Attention-Getting Resume—

Despite any Past Blemishes in Your Work History

Just think…

…Facing your job search with optimism and peace of mind.  Reassured knowing you have the competitive advantage with a sharp, modern resume—with all past job troubles smoothed over.

So here’s what you can get:

–If you have limited education and work experience, you’ll want a Stealth Sales Starter Resume—only $99.

–Job hunters with advanced education and/or between three and seven years of work experience want an Intermediate Stealth Sales Resume— just $139.

–Have seven years of work experience?  You’ll want a Stealth Sales Senior Resume–$169.

Now realize, these are custom-created, premium resumes.  You won’t find templates that blend today’s latest resume-writing techniques with strategies from advertising, copywriting, sales, SEO and neuro-marketing online.

And, you won’t find a resume writer who does this either.

So yes, that means I could add another $50 to $75 to each resume.  But since that would hurt you—who may be struggling to find work—I’m keeping the amounts as low as possible.

Plus, you’ll get even more value: each resume comes with FREE stealth cover letter, stealth follow-up letter and reference sheet templates.

Both letters also include elements of stealth sales–boosting your chances of nabbing that interview.

And of course, your resume comes completely guaranteed.  In fact, it’s covered by…

My Carved-In-Stone, No-Strings-Attached “Stealth Transformation Guarantee” To You

Here’s how it works:

“This 100% satisfaction guarantee promises:  Your new resume, despite any past employment problems, will position you as competitively as possible in your job search.

And if I don’t do that, you’ll get your investment back quickly and hassle-free.  And, you can keep the stealth cover and follow-up letters and reference sheet.”

So you’re getting everything you need to find the dream job, and the successful life, you want–risk-free.

In fact, you can quickly start the journey to your new job and life right now.  Just fill out the short form after this message and tap the send button.

If you’re still not sure, look at your decision this way…

You Want to Face the Future With Hope & Confidence—Not Dread & Regret

Sure, you can cross your fingers and accept the uncertainty of using an online template or generic resume writer.  But think of the time, money and anxiety that costs.

Right now, you can know that you’re making the smartest move possible.

Look, I’m the only professional writer that offers the proprietary Stealth Sales Resume.

No one else creates resumes using the latest concepts and techniques but also the scientific “sorcery” of…





…and the neurosciences.

So don’t put this off any longer.  Take control of your future—career and life—right now.

Just fill out the easy form following this message and blast it over today.

To your successful future,

Dale L. Sims,

Stealth Sales Strategist

“The #1 Advocate for Self-Help Marketers”

P.S.:  The clock is ticking….   As the world’s only stealth sales strategist, project offers are frequent.  So my schedule can fill fast.

Past work problems can haunt your job search.  And you just can’t afford to let that gap between your last job and today grow wider.

So you need to contact me now to grab the soonest available opening on my schedule.

Take charge of your future and quickly fill out the form below and send it.

Once you do—BOOM—you’ll be on your way!



  • (1) Modernize Your Resume, Wendy Enelow & Louise Kursmark, 2016


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