About your strategist:

Dale L. Sims, Direct Response Copywriter
Dale L. Sims, Stealth Sales Strategist

Brand Position:

Savvy copywriting, content marketing, and business solutions for savvy self-help/health marketers.

About Me:

Why You Can Trust Me As The Wisest Choice To Handle Your Copy & Content Writing Desires

Quick Glance:

  • Stealth Sales Strategist, Grand Rapids, Mich.–Nov. 2010-Present–Create copy and content for the self-help market. Also, offer website auditing, stealth marketing, public relations, information products, and e-mail newsletters services.
  • Marketing Coordinator/Health Consultant, Healthy Design, Cadillac, Mich.–May 2010-Jan. 2014–Copywriting, marketing, health issues  advisement
  • Editor/Public Affairs Specialist, Voice of the Rising Sun, 2 years
  • Reporter/Public Affairs Specialist, Sports Editor, Fort Campbell Courier, 2.5 years
  • Freelance Marketing Support Writer, Grand Rapids Press, 1 year
  • Account Executive, WSJ Radio, St. Johns, Mich., 1 year
  • Public Affairs Assistant, Office of Public Affairs, MDSS, 2 years
  • Extensive martial arts training background/long-time fitness buff

My education is continual:

  • BA in Liberal Arts, Regents College, Albany, NY (Majors: Psychology, Sociology)
  • AA in Journalism, Lansing Comm. College
  • Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner certification course, Amer. Univ. of NLP (Aug.—Oct. 2015)
  • Influence Intelligence “Persuasion the NLP Way”–Completed Feb.–April 2015
  • Multiple American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) copywriting courses including the Masters Program for Copywriting, Web Copywriting 2.0, and Content Mastery.
  • Consistently upgrade skills and knowledge by completing new copywriting and marketing courses from a variety of the top practitioners.

Closer Look:

This extensive experience and education proves you can bank on my promise to provide the most effective and affordable services possible.

Yes, there are many copywriters and marketers out there making big promises. Unfortunately, most seem to fall between two extremes.

On one hand, you have the high-priced former ad agency professionals, and on the other, the former office staffers, factory workers, or homemakers who’ve recently taken some online courses. Needless to say, neither are your best choice.

Now I’m a writer by profession, and have a portfolio of powerful, persuasive copy to prove it.

And I didn’t decide to specialize in the self-help market because of its popularity. I chose it because of my continual quest for and love of personal improvement. Fitness and martial arts programs…nutritional supplements…plans or games  to improve brain power—if I haven’t experienced them, I’m probably familiar with them.

Also, while my first two years in college centered around electives and journalism, my last two focused on psychology and sociology. Applying the knowledge and methods I learned from these two fields adds a powerful dimension to my copywriting that many others lack.

Another strong point, as my writing samples attest, is my ability to reduce complex health issues and nutrient reactions to easy-to-understand writing that enlightens prospects.

And because of my work at Healthy Design in Cadillac, Michigan, I’m especially aware of the difficulties facing businesses today.  Challenges such as improving your ROI in this economy, avoiding compliance problems, and marketing your goods and services most efficiently.

This experience, as well as that gained from 13 years as a back office manager for the Hertz Corporation, gives me an insider’s viewpoint that can help your company overcome the hazards facing you.  And that means whether better communications are needed externally—or internally.

So for a free 30-minute, no-obligation talk about how I can help you, contact me quickly and easily at my office in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Just use the form below or reach me at sssss17e23@yahoo.com or 616-606-8076.

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