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Is Long-Term Unemployment Hurting Your Ability To Find A Job?

Extensive Unemployment Period On Resume? Quick, Inexpensive Solution

Employers Saying You Haven’t Worked In A Long Time?


Imagine your nearing the end of what has so far been a successful job interview.

It’s an interview for a job that would be perfect.  Or, one you desperately need.

Then, your heart drops as you hear it again.

“I see on your resume that you haven’t worked for a long time,” the interviewer observes.

You explain about how many resumes you’re sending out and how the high unemployment rate is making the competition for every job a fight to the death.

The interviewer nods, and clears her throat.  “Yes, I know it’s rough out there.  However, ….”

Again, you’re faced with the reality of today’s job market: Even in this period of high and long-term unemployment, employers want new hires with recent work experience.

Get Real Work Experience Starting Today

AdvoCare can fix that.

By adding AdvoCare Distributor to your resume while you’re searching for that job, you can get crucial experience in areas today’s employers value.

Areas such as:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Business Development

Adding to your chances of success are AdvoCare’s world-class health and fitness products.  This is part of what makes distributing them the ultimate opportunity for earning personal income in existence.

Admittedly, there are a lot of scam jobs online.  But what AdvoCare offers is for real.

In business since 1993, AdvoCare gives you the opportunity to build your own income, set your own schedule, and create a healthier lifestyle, working part time.  So, you’ll have plenty of time to look for standard  employment.

But, who knows, you may have so much success, you may decide become a full-time AdvoCare Distributor!

The Bottom Line: You Get Unlimited Opportunities to Earn Income

You’ll be glad to know you can also make a solid income working with AdvoCare.  In short, you can make money five different ways working only part time.

Let’s take a closer look. You can:

  • Earn Retail Commissions: Up to 40%
  • Earn Wholesale Commissions: Up to 20%
  • Earn Overrides on your organizational volume
  • Earn Leadership Bonuses on your complete organization
  • Earn Incentives, Trips, and Pay Period Bonuses, including $20,000 to top-achieving Advisors

Before their involvement with AdvoCare, the lives of Distributors Wayne and Sarah Johnson, Washington, were getting out of control.

“So many things in life are beyond our control that we tend to get stuck and freeze.  I saw this (AdvoCare) as a way to take back control and get paid for the time I put in,” says Wayne Johnson.

“Six years later…we earn more than $32,000 a month and have paid off all of our debt,” he added.

So what’s your investment to dramatically improve your life and future chances of career success?

All it takes is a one-time investment of $79, which includes your distributor’s kit and $50 worth of samples.  There’s entirely no risk on your part, just the promise of a way to accelerate your future.

AdvoCare backs their products–and services–with a 100% quality guarantee.  If you’re not completely satisfied, return the kit for a full, no-hassle refund.

So, if you’re ready to put this troubled economy behind you and take back control, go or call Paula Longstreet at XXX-XXX-XXXX.


Additional Angle:

Are You A 99 Percenter Struggling to Regain Control Of Your Life?

Have your unemployment payments ended?

Have you been out of work so long you feel as if you’ll never find a job?

Do you want to start working today on a new, legitimate career or, at least, gain valuable work experience?

Imagine the following scenario. Or maybe, its happened to you several times already.

You’re nearing the end of a seemingly successful job interview.  (see above)

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