Dale L. Sims, Stealth Sales Strategist: The # 1 advocate for self-help marketers.

HEY MARKETERS: Want to create winning USPs for your products or services? Then get my 24-page action guide: “Finding Your Self-Help Product’s Unique Selling Proposition: 9 Coveted Copywriting Secrets That’ll Catapult Your Products Above the Competition.” Want quick content ideas for original articles? Grab my 40-page e-book: “Showcase Your Skills—and Knowledge—with Long-Form Stealth Marketing.” Use the form below center to get your free PERSONALIZED copies.

Advertising Services

Direct Response Specialties in the Self-Help Market

Sales Letters (online & off), Advertorials, Autoresponders, Direct Response Press Releases, E-mail Marketing Messages, Print Space Ads, Video Marketing Scripts, Video Sales Letter Scripts

Website Services for the Self-Help Market

Website Content Booster; Home, Landing, Sales, Information, and Subscription Page Creation; Optimized Web Content

Content Marketing Self-Help Services                              

Stealth Sales Stories, Case Studies, White Papers, Special Reports, E-Books, Articles, Blogs, E-Mail Newsletters, Instruction Manuals

Marketing Campaign Consulting

Direct Marketing, Stealth Marketing

Short Copy and Other Projects

Brochures, Online Ads, Annual Reports, Catalogue Copy, Internet Research, Small Space Ads, Billboards & Signs, Ghostwritten Articles, PPC Ads, Banner Ads, Slogans



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