Your FAQ Page

  1. What makes you better than the hundreds of other health or self-help copy and content writers I could hire tomorrow?

Dale L. Sims, SSS, your advocate in the self-help market.

Here’s a quick rundown on why my services are your best choice.

First, experience.

You get someone who excels at finding the Unique Selling Proposition for their client’s products and services. In fact, I wrote a 24-page special report on that very subject. (Let me know if you want a FREE copy.)

Also, my knowledge and education in the persuasion sciences will give you an “unfair advantage” over your competitors. And I keep up to date on recent developments through courses, books and other relevant content.

But what separates me from many others who claim expertise in the persuasion sciences is: My BA from Regents College where I majored in psychology and sociology.

Additionally, you’ll also get someone who specializes in the top-of-the-food-chain approach to copywriting.

Dominant-emotion copywriting capitalizes on your prospect’s strongest emotion about your goods or services. It captures and maintains your reader’s attention so they devour your entire message.

Of course, other secondary emotions can be used to power your promo even more.

I can also work in phases. This takes pressure off you if you don’t want to spend a lot of money up front. And you’ll get a chance to see what I can do.

Now one last, but vital point.

Few freelance copywriters have consistent processes for helping their clients. The Stealth Sale SolutionTM is my proprietary method—and brand—to propel sales, and give you peace of mind.

  1. What problem can you solve for me?

Your problem my services aim to solve is your biggest one—lack of sales.

And it doesn’t matter if this is because of…

  • Stagnant sales
  • Lack of marketing expertise
  • Too much competition
  • Ineffective marketing practices
  • You gave up on a proven sales strategy—such as content marketing—that when done right, is highly profitable.

…I can help—with copy, content and most important—IDEAS.

And that’s what my Stealth Sales SolutionTM is all about. Now I introduced that to you in Question 1. So I’ll give you more info on how it can help you as we go through this FAQ.

  1. You write copy, great. What else can you do? Can you help me with my long-term strategy?

Certainly. And I can do that several ways.

Here are some of those…

First, you can have me set up a direct response campaign. This can be online or off. And yes, direct mail has resurged in recent years as your prospect’s email gets bombarded daily with sales promos and spam.

Next, you can have me create original content articles. Then, you can get a comprehensive content marketing strategy going that promotes your business 24/7.

Another increasingly popular stealth sales option is the print or email newsletter. This keeps you in regular touch with prospects, clients, and customers while promoting your business without being salesy.

Or, you can get a Stealth Sales Web Content Review.

Here I review your site’s content using proven industry techniques—AND analyze it for persuasion science opportunities. (I don’t know anyone else who does this last part.)

  1. $500!?! My assistant could do this in one day! And she only makes $15 an hour!

Possibly—5 to 10 years ago. But today? Highly unlikely.

Copywriting and content marketing are part art and science. Both require subtle methods that make a huge difference on whether or not prospects respond.

You can’t “Spray & Pray” copy anymore—consumers are smarter and more skeptical than ever.

Knowing how to overcome that, AND get your reader to buy, subscribe or inquire takes experience and expertise.

The same goes for content.  Unless you’re creating stellar articles, blog posts, info pages and so on, Google and your target audience will shun you.

So having your assistant write your copy and content is like having a newbie law student defend you against a lawsuit.

It’s cheap—but most likely it’ll cost you–big-time.

P.S.: This also applies to hiring someone cheap on Fiverr, Upwork and so on.

  1. How do you offer more value than your competition?

 That’s done in many different ways.

And two of the biggest I’ve already touched on—my use of the cognitive sciences and dominant emotion copywriting.

Both give my clients the unfair advantage of more persuasive copy and compelling content, and more ways to trigger their prospects emotional hot buttons.

Plus, my Stealth Sales SolutionTM offers freedom from worries about lawsuits and regulatory agency fines or worse.

Also, you get someone skilled at positioning your products and services as uniquely valuable.

But here’s more significant value you get…

My services are more affordable than most of my competitors. That’s because my business, built steadily since 2010, remains debt-free with low overhead.

That’s reflected on my Affordable Fee Schedule and when I work for you.

You see, when I create your copy and content, my focus is you and your business. Unlike many of my competitors, I won’t be helping you while at the same time be furiously hunting for other clients.

If you didn’t see your question(s) here, let me know and I’ll be happy to answer.

Or, if I’ve answered all your questions and you want to get started improving your business, just say “I’m ready to move forward” with the form below.


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