Self-Help Market Writing Sample: Mass Impact Online Ad

The Secret of Explosive Yet Safe Muscle Growth Revealed

If you’re having trouble building solid, powerful muscles, it could be a huge blessing in disguise.

Take Nick, an amateur bodybuilder for years.  He has problems, ones that threaten his goals of life-long fitness and physical improvement.

At 42, Nick has reached a plateau in his weight training.  No matter how hard he pushes and punishes his body, he hasn’t seen any progress in ages.

Nick even wonders if he suffers from age-related muscle loss.

Mass Impact is your ticket to reaching that elite-level of physical performance–safely and efficiently.

Nick’s friend, Lisa, 26, isn’t worried about aging or plateaus, she just wants to pack more muscle onto her lean frame.  She’s been spending an hour or two a day in the gym lately.  The result: limited gains and a lot of soreness.

Another of Nick’s workout buddies, Josh, 21, is new to muscle building. He’s using weights, kettle bells, and any piece of fitness equipment he can get his hands on to make major gains.

So far, it isn’t happening.

Exercise plateau.  Muscle loss due to aging. Limited physical gains. Wanting more definition. Craving more muscle mass.

Most fitness buffs have faced and will face these challenges.  Now, however, there is not only a solution, but also a way to reach that elite level of physical conditioning.

Maximum Gain Minus The Safety Worries

That breakthrough solution is MASS IMPACT.

This revolutionary new high-performance sports formula delivers creatine safely and efficiently, while igniting muscle growth and preventing muscle breakdown.

If you’re like most athletes, you want more out of your workouts so you can launch your physical abilities to the next level and beyond.

However, improvements may have leveled off.  Or you want more muscle mass, definition, and endurance, but not at the expense of safety.

Or like Nick, halting muscle loss is a concern.

Regardless, MASS IMPACT, part of AdvoCare’s Performance Elite line,is the answer

  • You get creatine, safe and banned-substance free, and all its benefits to build those muscles, reduce muscle tissue damage, and improve workout recovery.  While found naturally in the body, large amounts of creatine are lost during intense workouts.  So to build muscle mass, you need to replace it.  MASS IMPACT does that.  Creatine is mainly obtained through meat sources.  However, since eating large quantities of  meat at one time isn’t smart, it’s better to be safe and take MASS IMPACT.  This powerful product maintains cellular energy and preserves muscle glycogen, promoting muscle mass, volume, and strength.
  • You get Sustamine™, an intense ingredient that rehydrates, recharges energy, reduces muscle breakdown, and repairs muscle tissue damage.  Additionally, research* shows that Sustamine supplementation upgrades performance and promotes protein synthesis. Sustamine even improves water and electrolyte absorption.  *Resource Medline Plus, U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health
  • You get amino acids that get fat cells and muscle tissues to work together, resulting in muscle leanness and growth. These stimulating substances also boost muscle repair and strength, and helps halt dehydration.

Elite Muscle Building Formula Equals Elite Endorsers

Elite athletes need elite fuel to power their performance.

So the number of professional athletes that endorse AdvoCare products, like MASS IMPACT, speaks for itself.

  • For instance, Chicago White Sox Pitcher Jesse Crain: “I’ve experienced better endurance and improved overall focus and attention during games.  I would highly recommend these products to anyone looking to take their game up a notch.”
  • Adds Starting Pitcher Scott Baker, Minn. Twins: “I feel better, my focus is better and every AdvoCare product that I have used has helped my performance and recovery.”
  • Michael Redd, Milwaukee Bucks Guard, notes after starting AdvoCare: “I feel stronger; I’m leaner and continue to strive for more results.  If you aren’t using these products, you are not aware for your full potential; these products will help make you a champion.”

And that’s just a small sample of the elite athletes that use AdvoCare products like MASS IMPACT to dramatically improve their game performance.  You can check out the other athletes, pro or amateur, at

AdvoCare’s “Double Standard”: Safety and Quality

But there are more reasons for choosing the AdvoCare advantage.

For example, safety and quality, the central features of all AdvoCare products since our beginning in 1993.  Our Scientific & Medical Advisory Board, which has 270 years of combined experience and expertise, enforces these primary points.

Working with AdvoCare’s Research & Development team, the board ensures that products are based on proven and effective science and nutrition. And they promise these products offer a unique, total solution to your nutritional needs.

“AdvoCare products are distinct for their innovative formulations and top-quality ingredients. We value putting great science into great products,” says Board Chair Robert Hackman, PHD, research professor, Department of Nutrition, University of California, Davis.

Adds Dr. Stanley J. Dudrick, M.D., FACS, Professor of Surgery at Yale University School of Medicine:  “AdvoCare develops state-of-the-art, scientifically based nutritional products designed to promote optimal health and performance.”  The good doctor is also chairman emeritus, Department of Surgery and Director of Training Program in Surgery, St. Mary’s Hospital/Yale Affiliate, Waterbury, Connecticut.

Also, MASS IMPACT is certified by INFORMED-CHOICE as banned-substance free.  INFORMED-CHOICE backs AdvoCare’s quality assurance program with an independent board of experts in medical nutrition, training and pharmacology.

How to Find Out For Yourself If You Can Trust AdvoCare

It’s as simple as entering AdvoCare or any of its products in any internet search engine.

Then, take my AdvoCare Internet Challenge.  Try to find a negative comment about AdvoCare or any of their products.

To be able to post this challenge, I’ve done this many times. I’ve checked Google, Yahoo, Facebook,, and so on, and never found any.  Instead, I’ve found countless individuals who are happy to testify of the benefits and improvements AdvoCare products have given them.

How To Know If MASS IMPACT Is Right For You

Do you demand the best?

Do you set uncommonly high fitness goals?

Are you highly selective when it comes to what products you put in your body?

If so, MASS IMPACT is your answer. It’s made with the discerning, intelligent athlete in mind.

Success In Anything Is The Result of Good Choices

By this time, you’ve heard the proof and testimonials.  But you may be thinking. “Sounds good, but there are thousands of muscle building formulas and plans out there. Why should I choose yours.”

Let me summarize why it makes the most sense to select MASS IMPACT:

  • Guidance by our prestigious Scientific and Medical Advisory Board
  • The result of the latest research and scientific knowledge
  • Highest quality ingredients and standards in industry
  • Balanced body building solution for complex bodies
  • Uses easy to absorb nutrients
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Am I claiming too much?  I don’t think so.

MASS IMPACT offers more than its nearest rival: maximum results from your muscle-building workouts.

But enough about us.  Now it’s your turn.  Don’t just take my word for it, find out for yourself.  If you want the best way to start adding muscle mass, ending the exercise plateaus, or to stop losing muscle due to aging, MASS IMPACT is the solution.

But wait.  Combining flexibility with strength is always an extra benefit.  The same applies to MASS IMPACT.  Use it to pile on the muscles by itself or with other AdvoCare fitness products to really ramp up your elite skills.

For More Power Tomorrow, Choose MASS IMPACT Today

With AdvoCare, you must be 100 percent satisfied or your guaranteed a full refund—no hassles, no questions.  So, you have nothing to lose.

And for now, you can get a 50-serving supply for $72.95, that’s less than $1.50 a serving.  A creatine-based drink at your gym will be at least three-times that.  Also, it won’t have the same health value as MASS IMPACT.

So please go to and press the Performance Elite tab and order, or contact Paula Longstreet at XXX-XXX-XXXX/ today.


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