Self-Help Market Writing Sample: Energy Drink Promo (Spark)

Finally, The Energy Drink for Your Active, Healthy Lifestyle

“Millions Of People Use Spark.  I’m One of Them.”

—Drew Brees, New Orleans QB, Super Bowl Champ

WAKE Up! Get Healthy, Fast-Acting, Long-Lasting Energy Today

(Tested heads)

Are you frustrated by a lack of energy?

And is your workout or workday suffering as a result?

If so, please consider these examples…

…Picture yourself on the basketball court with your friends after work.  Your sports skills have always been good, but you’ve noticed something lately.

After only about 10 minutes of moderately paced action, you’re tired, and have to signal for a timeout.

…Imagine you’re at work. It’s almost the end of your workday, and you just have to finish a project and you’re done.  However, this time it’s taking forever.

You used to be able to complete projects like this quickly.  Now, you just can’t concentrate like you used to.

 …Now, envision it’s a few days later.  You’ve been playing fast-paced basketball with your friends for two hours now.  This time though, you feel like you could play all night.

And those projects at the office?  Lately, you’ve been completing them almost as fast as a lazy clerk pencil whips paperwork.

What’s changed?  Now, you’re one of the elite because you drink high-performance Spark before you workout, when you’re at work, or whenever you need more energy and focus.

You may be asking yourself…

But Aren’t All Energy Drinks the Same?

Not even close.

Simply put, there’s Spark and there’s, well, not-Spark.

This high-voltage drink is loaded with 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients for fast-acting, long-lasting energy.  This makes it the most nutritionally advanced energy drink on the market.

In fact, Spark’s power is almost magical. Your workouts and workdays will be more dynamic, more fluid, more creative, and more effective in every way.

Also, Spark is AdvoCare’s number one product out of over 50. And it’s one of the reasons AdvoCare has become the most trusted source of natural wellness in America since 1993.

Additionally, this exclusive power booster is so effective, New Orleans QB and 2010 Super Bowl Champion Drew Brees drinks it.  “Millions of people use Spark.  I’m one of them,” he says.

So does racing legend Richard Petty: “The Spark energy drink is great, I’ll drink some, and I’m good for the rest of the day.”

And Texan David Dickerson even became an AdvoCare distributor because of Spark.  “I tried AdvoCare Spark and got an instant boost of energy. This was our introduction to the world of AdvoCare and an amazing new way of life,” he said.

Why Choosing Spark to Up Your Game is a No-Brainer

Here’s why you’ll love this high-octane liquid…

…Too many of the popular energy drinks you find in the store or even online are as corrosive as colas. Their ingredients, mainly citric and ascorbic acid added to improve flavor, erode the tooth’s enamel coating and trickle into the bone-like material underneath, softening the tooth, according to a 2009 New York University study.

And if left untreated, it can cause severe damage and even tooth loss, these researchers found. Professor Mark Wolff, who led the study, said: “This is the first time that the citric acid in sports drinks has been linked to erosive tooth wear.”

You can drink sugar-free, non-carbonated Spark with complete confidence you are helping your body,  not hurting it.

…Spark’s fast-acting ingredients work together to give you the quick burst of oomph you need.  Then, keeps you going strong with loads of B-vitamins that help boost your body’s own energy–sustaining processes. 

…With five delicious flavors and 45 calories, Spark keeps your mind alert and focused without weighing you down. Now, you can burn through that to-do list and still have enough energy to finish that work project, keep up with the kids, or complete that workout.

…Flexibility.  Enjoy Spark by itself or as part of a fitness or weight-loss plan.  Available in value cans, or pouches for easy portability; take it anywhere you need to be super attentive and perceptive—work, school, and gym.

But that’s just part of the story.

This fuel-injected fluid has been tested and endorsed by AdvoCare’s Scientific and Medical Advisory Board.

 “AdvoCare uses the highest quality ingredients to make the best nutritional supplements in the world,” says board member Dr. Sidney Stohs, Ph.D.

“It is with great pride that I can associate myself with a company that holds itself to the highest standards of integrity and effectiveness with every product it offers,” Stohs added.

Want more evidence?  Type “AdvoCare’s Spark” into any search engine.  You’ll find pages of support for and stories about all the great things both Spark and AdvoCare have done for their customers.

The Energy Drink You’ve Been Searching For

Tired of trying different energy drinks and getting the same results—sugar crash, short-term effects, or even none at all?  Save time and money, test Spark today, and become one of the elite–at home, at the gym, or at work.

Anytime you need a quick, long-lasting source of energy and increased mental focus, Spark is the answer.   A 42-serving container is only $51.95; that’s about $1.24 per serving, much cheaper than the high-priced, unhealthy alternatives. Heck, it’s even cheaper than a cup of coffee at most places.

And we’re  so confident you’ll love Spark, we offer an iron-clad 100%, 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Try this risk-free offer and find out why Spark is our number one seller.  Go to and click on “The Products” button on the upper left. Then hit the “Active” button, again upper left, on the next page. Now order, and experience all the amazing things Spark will do for you.

You can also call me, AdvoCare Distributor Paula Longstreet, at XXX-XXX-XXXX with any questions.

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