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Health, Wellness or Fitness Pro: Are Slow Website Traffic & Sales Killing Your Business?

Then Discover the Breakthrough Blueprint That’ll Electrify Your Online Marketing Goals

website audit, website content review

You’ll get a complete check-up of your website’s content and usability, and how it measures up against best practices—and the competition. And if it doesn’t in certain areas? You’ll find out what to do about it.

Dear Entrepreneur,

Are you gloomy because your website attracts few visitors?

Worried that your site’s low conversions may doom your business?

If so, it means despite your superb product or service, you need to do something about your website’s ghastly performance.

Because if you don’t, these two things will continue to happen:

  • Web-smart competitors will keep on grabbing your potential site visitors…
  • And, prospects who do make it to your site, will go on leaving swiftly—most likely never to return.

Sure you figure, with some fine tuning here and changes there, that sluggish site could turn into a marketing machine.

But how? With what adjustments? What tweaks?

Rest easy. Your questions can be answered by reading this message about my quick and surprisingly affordable professional web content review.

This appraisal focuses on this all-important two-pronged question: Does your content work as well as it should … or as well as it could?

And what happens when your content does both?

According to a recent case study by MarketingExperiments.com, you can:

  1.  Raise your content’s conversion rate 112% or higher
  2.  Lift your landing page conversion by 50-60%
  3.  Expand your call-to-action’s success by 150%

But to get these kinds of results, you need to know…

The ONE thing your site must have to survive today

Hi, my name is Dale L. Sims, a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based freelance self-help copywriter and website content consultant. Plus, from April 2010 to Jan. 2014, I served as marketing coordinator for Healthy Design, a nutritional supplement distribution company.

Now here’s why it’s so vital to get this review if your site isn’t fulfilling your expectations.

More than ever, business pros in the health, wellness, and fitness niches realize they may need help to reap ALL of the rewards that come with a successful website.  Because, like you, they know pertinent, concise, sales-focused content is becoming the MUST-HAVE foundation for making profits online.

Did you know Google recently announced there were now at least a trillion individual web pages? That means millions of web pages from other small to mid-size companies, many of them in your market. And these numbers are just going to get larger.

Since you have so many sites competing against yours, your challenge is to make your website stand out.

And here’s where there’s some good news.

Surprisingly, many of these sites do not have the kind of clear, focused content demanded by today’s website visitors.

The reasons are many—the owner/designer had no knowledge of best practices, used an unoriginal free template, added too much animation, and so on…

But the crucial point is:  This gives you the opportunity to grab an overwhelming edge over your competitors.


By finding out exactly what content, design features, and other usability aspects on your site are driving away potential clients or customers.

And to detect those roadblocks, I use the proven system developed by Pam Foster, web content consultant, senior copywriter, and author. To that, I add my own “in-the-trenches” experience as a copywriter and marketer.

Based on our over 33 years of combined marketing experience, this professional review shows you how to:

  •   Steer  traffic to your website site
  •   Channel visitors into making purchasing or other marketing decisions.
  •   Stop visitors from leaving your site shortly after they arrive 
  •   Take advantage of search engine best practices 
  •   Remove any barriers that block prospects from becoming paying customers

Knowing this is crucial for your online survival, the website expert says:

“Web content is…the company’s online sales force, replacing a personal sales rep or store clerk. The content consultant looks at each web page with the question, ‘Is this someone I want to buy from?’”

How this review reveals the secrets to your website’s success

 Here’s exactly what my strategic content audit entails—and how you’ll benefit.

Using Pam’s 35-Point Usability Checklist, her 5 C’s Content Guide™, and my own know-how, I’ll analyze your home page and sub-pages and make sure…

  • On-page text is clear and both customer and solution focused. This includes headlines, subheads, and body copy. Also, your site’s “scannability,” tone, active vs. passive language, readability, and more. Plus, I’ll ensure persuasive sales copywriting based on tested direct-response principles powers all of your copy.
  • They fully use search engine optimized keywords and key phrases—in your copy, content, and in behind-the-scenes text such as page title, meta descriptions, and alt tags. If your site isn’t optimized as well as it could be, I’ll even provide several recommended keywords and phrases to help boost your rankings in Google and other search engines.
  • They follow proven and consistent usability and navigation methods. And use conventional button names, group similar items together, and so on. Plus, I’ll ensure that the least number of clicks are required to get buyers to your order page.
  • You get a thorough content improvement strategy to heighten your traffic and sales conversion rates. It will contain a concise, bulleted list of what’s working and what isn’t, and a clear list of specific recommendations. This includes content strengths as well as performance hurdles such as missing items, broken links, colors that make it hard to read, and more. 
  • You’re able to understand my recommendations. I’ll provide screen shots of your website with notes that highlight areas that need improvement or a bigger change. If industry jargon is used, I’ll clearly explain it.

To wrap up your customized content strategy audit, I’ll email you a PDF version, then review it with you. We’ll discuss additional tactical ways to boost your results across all your site’s pages.

What does it take to grab success and survival online today?

Capitalizing on your website’s opportunities to make money, secure inquiries, build your list, or reach other goals.

And a professional website review is one of the most essential steps in reaching these targets.

Are you ready for the most crucial phone call of your website’s life

 During our free, no-obligation consultation, I’ll listen to your situation and explore your obstacles and challenges. I’ll ask several questions, some of which you may never have been asked before, about your website.

I’ll look over your site at that time, and possibly make suggestions that could boost your site’s traffic and sales.

We’ll then discuss the final steps to start supercharging your website.

There’s no cost for this consultation, or to give you a proposal. Plus, if you do accept my proposal, no salesperson will call you after the project is completed.

So why wait another minute to having a website that fulfills your goals…and makes you proud? (& saves you $100)

If you’ve read this far, you know you have a keen desire to have your website pull the kind of responses and results you really deserve. All that’s remains is for you to take action…

 Remember, even with a decent website, it’s tough enough already to cut through all the noise and clutter online. And it’s just going to get harder.

So if you want to…

…Stop losing customers—and money–to more savvy competitors…

…Convince site visitors to take action…

…Take charge of how much more fun and profitable your business can be (and stop ripping your hair out because you’re not reaching your marketing goals)…

Then you owe it to yourself to take advantage of my limited introductory offer right now. The regular cost of my review for a site with up to 6 pages is $599—well below almost any others you’ll find (the closest one I found was $695). Most start around $1,000.

But for a limited time, I am taking $100 off that—so you can start taking control of your website’s success for just $499. For just this small investment, I’ll literally take your company by the hand and aim it—and you–at a lucrative future.

Plus, just for calling about this special offer,  I’ll email  you a PDF version of my invaluable 24-page special report: “Finding Your Self-Help Product’s Unique Selling Proposition: 9 Coveted Copywriting Secrets That’ll Catapult Your Products Above the Competition.

Also, your review has an iron-clad 100% guarantee that promises best website practices aimed at capturing maximum results. Plus, if I say you’ll have your completed audit on a certain date, that’s when you’ll get it.

So find out how a strategic content audit can transform your currently weak website. Just contact me by using the form below or at either bwater17@att.net or 616-956-1171, and I’ll start planning your website turnaround today.


Yours for a healthy website,

Dale L. Sims,

Freelance Copywriter/Website Content Consultant


P.S.: One more thing–just to reassure you. Let me tell you what my website review isn’t…

…It’s not a whittled-down version put together from a bunch of internet downloads.

…It’s not an attempt to pump you for info so I can try to hard-sell you something more expensive later (You see this a lot online, especially with those so-called “free” website audits.

…It’s not some internet get-rich-quick scheme.

This is a complete beginning-to-end diagnostic review to get your website cranking out money, or reach other goals, for the long term. So please hurry and contact me before this special introductory offer expires.


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